Using Blinds to Control the Temperature of Your Home

Going green and being energy efficient doesn’t just mean filling up your car with ethanol. There are many things in the home to reduce energy.

Going green and being energy efficient doesn’t just mean filling up your car with ethanol. There are many things in the home you can do to be energy efficient, including the adjusting the blinds that you put on your windows.

Many homeowners are becoming a part of this smart trend by using their windows effectively with the right blinds. Some have even gone as far as using automatic timed blinds that let sunlight into their homes at a predetermined time.

Perhaps you don’t have to go that far, but there are custom blinds that allow for the proper amount of temperature control in your home. By using these, you can regulate how much sunlight enters the indoors which controls the temperature, and also makes your house look even better.

Heat from the sun enters the home when the rays hit the blinds after traveling through the window. There is a small space in between the glass and the blinds that conducts a lot of heat since it is trapped there and is more frequently known as the greenhouse effect.

In the winter, that’s great. However, that can produce a lot of unwanted heat in the long summer months. For these summer days, it would be better to just remove any covering on the windows and let the air conditioner do the rest of the work if you don’t have custom blinds.

There are blinds that are designed to keep your home feeling warm during cold outdoor temperatures by taking in the sunlight and working as an insulator. It’s best to change these out when it gets hot outside, though.

In the hot days, white colored blinds work the best as they can help to reflect the sun’s rays away from your home, but they work best on the exterior and there are other colors that work even better, but come at a bit of an extra cost.

Solar screens can be placed on the exterior to filter the sun’s rays, preventing them from ever reaching the glass window. Since the heat is trapped by this screen, it insulates the cool air within the house. Careful planning will ensure that your home is the perfect temperature all year round and save you money on energy bills.

If you do not have an air conditioner, then the best way to keep the home cool in summer is by keeping the window open slightly while keeping the solar screen on the exterior. It may not be the most practical method, but it’s the optimal option for homes without the A/C.

For homes that do have an air conditioner running, the insulation of the window is very important. Close any blinds on the window all the way down. For homes that have outdoor covers (including solar screens), make sure they are in place and fully covering the window.

The coolest homes will be the ones with the air conditioner running and a combination of interior and exterior coverings and blinds. It may lead to you having to turn some lights on in the home, but if you use energy efficient bulbs, you are still saving a lot of money on energy while enjoying the cooler air.

These are the most common ways of using blinds to control your home’s temperature. To find the best ones, it’s best to plan according to your location and climate. There are many great ways to use blinds to your advantage, so make sure to find the best ones to not only help your home, but also improve the aesthetics.

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