Brent’s Place Provides Recovery Center for Kids with Cancer

My name is Ellis Aune and I am a senior at George Washington High School in Denver, Colorado. A friend of mine, Samantha Walisundara, and I currently volunteer with an organization called Brent’s Place. Brent’s Place is a germ-free, safe-clean home for kids who are undergoing bone marrow transplants at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Children’s is one of only a handful of hospitals in the United States that performs the life saving procedure to treat aggressive cancers. Unfortunately, the procedure renders a child’s immune system completely ineffective, making everyday germs potentially fatal.
Brent’s Place provides these children and their families with a safe community while they recover from their procedure, where kids, despite their illness, can still be kids. This amazing place is free of charge for its families. However, this means that the organization constantly needs funding for its upkeep and child support systems.
Samantha and I began a fundraiser to try and help alleviate some of the financial pressure. It costs about $93.00 support a child and their family for a day at Brent’s Place. Our goal for this year is to help raise money through bake sales and online crowdfunding that we can then contribute to Brent’s Place. The afterschool fundraisers made over $250.00, but this is far short of our ultimate goal to raise around $5000.00, which is equivalent to the cost of about half of one family’s stay.
We need your help to raise awareness not only about these kids with cancer and their battle, as well as the organization supporting them, but also to raise some money to give back to the community that has lent so much joy to me, Samantha, and the kiddos of Brent’s Place.

Please consider supporting this indiegogo campaign to help support Brent’s Place:

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