How Can You Boost Your Company’s CSR While Recruiting and Retaining the Best Talent?

As a business, how do you further your sustainability initiatives and CSR goals, and take meaningful action to help fight climate change -- while also engaging your employees and boosting your company’s culture?

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” — Dalai Lama XIV

As a business, how do you further your sustainability initiatives and CSR goals, and take meaningful action to help fight climate change — while also engaging your employees and boosting your company’s culture?

This sounds like a tall order. But it turns out to be much easier than you’d think.

Where to start

We all have misconceptions about what we can do to help fight climate change. Most of us feel the issue is too complex to tackle. We feel overwhelmed.

But the truth is that each one of us has the power to make a substantial, positive impact on the climate — by taking small actions. And we’ll almost always save money in the process.

That’s as true for a business as it is for an individual.

So, what can your company do?

You’re most likely to succeed if you start with the low-hanging fruit, where you can make an immediate impact. Both your company and your employees can do simple, easy things to save energy — and to switch your energy sources to clean, renewable energy.

Empower your employees

It starts with your employees.

Of course, you can do a lot in the office, and we’ll get to that below. But by engaging your employees, you’ll not only make a bigger impact but also enhance your company’s culture and improve employee satisfaction.

We created the MyDomino Energy Savings Concierge Service to help companies do this. Our unique employee perk allows a company to amplify their sustainability initiatives by engaging employees in a way that’s easy, fun, and affordable.

Employees spend many hours a week at the office working. But they also spend more than half of their time outside of the office. So if you want them to participate in your company’s sustainability efforts, it’s important to both engage them at the office and allow them to participate in other parts of their lives.

MyDomino’s service is designed with this in mind. Our program helps homeowners and renters alike cut through the confusion of information overload and take actions to save energy and money. Employees have access to a personal concierge who can help them switch to clean wind energy, go solar, upgrade to LED bulbs, and much more.

We also engage employees at the office, with an online platform where they can log actions and compete with co-workers to lower their carbon footprint — plus onsite brown bag sessions, webinars, and exclusive content and product reviews.

The MyDomino program helps companies go beyond greening the workplace to make a significant impact. It gives employees the satisfaction of being part of a bigger effort. They can feel proud to work for a company that demonstrates its values with this kind of perk.

Make a difference in your office

What else can you do? You can show your employees you’re walking your walk by making your office more sustainable.

More and more companies are realizing that sustainability initiatives are not only good for the planet — they’re also good for your bottom line.

Up your energy efficiency

If you have a programmable thermostat in the office, be sure to use it — or better yet, invest in a “smart” or “learning” thermostat. Be sure the office HVAC system isn’t running when folks aren’t in the office.

Once your HVAC system is optimized, look up! See those old florescent lights? It’s time to ditch them — and any desk lamps — for LEDs. They’ll pay for themselves with cost savings, and the light will almost certainly be better.

Conference rooms and other areas can benefit from motion switches that automatically turn off the lights when the room isn’t in use. And be sure the lights are turned off at the end of the day, either automatically or manually.

Next, you’ll want to switch clean energy if you can. These days, you can do that by installing solar on your office building or signing up for a clean power plan, which ensures your energy comes from renewable sources. Depending on your situation, the switch will cost little to nothing — and you might even save big.

At MyDomino, we were surprised at how much we saved in our office by switching to clean energy, adding LEDs, and more.

Source for sustainability

Let’s face it — we have literally thousands of options for all types of business products. Who has time to make sure the all products you use are sustainable? I don’t, and you probably don’t, either.

But you can score a few easy “little wins” to get started.

Start with the items you use every day. It’s easy to find sustainable options for pens, pencils, notepads, post-its, and paper. Your can even get paper that’s made from sugarcane byproducts. We’re using TreeFrog paper at MyDomino, and can attest to its quality! Real plates, cups, and silverware are a nice touch — but if you must use disposable ones, be sure they’re compostable or recyclable.

If you provide food at your office, embrace Meatless Mondays — one of the easiest ways to lower your carbon footprint. Cuisines like Indian, Thai, Italian, Mexican, and many more can provide such tasty vegetarian fare that employees won’t even think about whether the meal includes meat. But it may get them thinking about different ways to eat.

Ask, ask, ask! Be sure to ask your vendors how they’re reducing their carbon footprint. Some may surprise you with the actions they’ve already taken. For those vendors that have yet to start, simply asking them can be a great push. The more they’re asked, the more likely they are to make a change. And you’ll be helping to make an impact.

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