Changing Lives Through Coffee: Now Crowdfunding!

Help us create a sustainable and “financially free” future for the Wacuco Kuna community in rural Panamá.

kunaCafé de Kuna Student Initiative 

Coffee to you and me is an everyday luxury, a decision we don’t think twice about. But what if coffee was more than your morning wake –up.  What if you invested your land and resources into producing coffee, what if your hands planted the seeds; and your family harvested the beans. A cup of coffee would mean something completely different.

We are a student-led initiative at Oakland University committed to create a sustainable and “financially free” future for communities in rural Panama.

A place where families don’t have to worry about the scarcity of clean, running water, a place where mothers can afford medicine for their children, a place where electricity is prominent and education is thriving.

But, even in absence of the simplest luxuries of life, the community strives to live full and happy lives. You can see it in their smiles, and the way they talk about their community with pride.

But, they deserve more. They deserve a path out of poverty; and coffee, is that path. These rural communities don’t have access to the resources that could improve their economy, lifestyle and chances for a more sustainable future. Café de Kuna can provide these resources.

Café de Kuna’s Mission:

Through empowering the community and providing them with the needed tools and resources to enrich their coffee business, we can improve their lifestyles and strive towards financial freedom; creating a sustainable future

Our endeavors can provide the community with education workshops on best practices concerning coffee, organics and sustainability. We also plan to obtain the needed materials to build a communal greenhouse for the working cooperative.

Education is extremely important to the community and its members. By providing them with an expert who understands their environment, lifestyle, and organic practices, we can dramatically increase coffee production and yields. The expert will conduct multiple workshops within the community, designed to provide experiential learning and tools required to sustain a thriving, organic and highly productive coffee business.

The Benefits of a Greenhouse:

In an environment where space is limited and rainfall is prominent, the community needs a structure to grow coffee seeds into seedlings without the chance of rot or malformation.

A well-constructed green house can provide the necessary cover, sunlight, dry-ness, and space to limit the chances of coffee tree defects. In combination, members yields will nearly triple; allowing the community to sell their beans at profitable price.

We have raised $4000 out of our $30,000 goal. We have 24 days left of our campaign. With your help, we can impact this community, and help Panama win the war against poverty!

To learn more about our initiative, donate, or watch our video, please follow this link!


Café de Kuna

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

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