Why Your Company Shouldn’t Be Without An Online Presence

Aside from reaching millions of online users, there are other important reasons to develop or improve your startup’s online presence.

Whether you run your tech startup from a home office or brick and mortar location, developing an online presence in this digital age is a necessity. Though not to overlook traditional forms of marketing, online strategies have become the staple for how many startups are able to succeed. By reaching millions of online users in real-time, through various digital platforms, your tech startup can reach its maximum potential.

Aside from reaching millions of online users, there are other important reasons to develop or improve your startup’s online presence. Here are a few listed below:

·  Greater Accessibility

When business is closed for the day, the internet is still running. Utilizing various online platforms gives you 24/7 access to potential customers on the lookout for your products or services. Instead of trying to track down new clients between the hours of 9 to 5, clients can find, review, and even conduct business with your company at a time it is convenient for them.

·  Improved Social Connections

According to Social Vantage, a social media marketing company, having a strong social media presence is just as important, if not more important, than having a website. Consumers are no longer as intrigued by businesses who do nothing but try to get them to make a purchase. Social media has become a pivotal tool for businesses looking to learn more about their target audience and develop a positive connection. Statistics have shown that businesses who properly use social media can see an increase in brand exposure by as much as 83%.

·  Brand Development

The definition of brand-building is improving upon the level of trust that your target customer has in your products or services. By having an online presence, you provide potential customers with the ability to learn more about your startup and the products or services you offer. By using a plethora of online marketing tactics like social media, online reviews, blog posts, and customer interaction, you are developing a positive impression of your brand which makes it a lot easier for customers to trust your brand.

·  Global Business Potential

Using the internet to develop a strong presence for your brand also provides the benefit of greater parameters for service – the potential to develop a global business. Traditional forms of advertising like flyers, business cards, sale signs, and local advertisements will only get you business in your immediate area. However, when advertising online, you can reach anyone who has internet access. Whether they are in the US or UK, you can reach potential consumers that you would otherwise have no way of connecting with.

·  Quality Customer Service

Customer feedback, FAQ, and general inquiries are common customer service tasks. Providing quick and quality service is necessary to maintain your brand’s reputation. Having online platforms such as a website or a social media account allows you and/or your staff to address respond to reviews or feedback, answer questions, and even help troubleshoot products online in real time providing an added layer of convenience for your customers.

·  Decreased Marketing Costs

Cash is king in any startup – especially for those just starting off. Using online tools and platforms can save you a large amount of money on your overall marketing costs. The cost of printing marketing materials and distributing them can actually cost you more than the cost of using online resources. Social media accounts, for instance, are free of charge to implement and can generate a good following before you ever have to invest a cent into it.

·  Even Playing Field

One of the toughest challenges for startups is beating out the larger firms for business. In times past, the playing field was seriously uneven as small businesses did not have the capital or resources that a larger organization would have to service customers and market their services. Today, however, online platforms give startups and small business owners the ability to compete with “the big boys” for competition. As many digital marketing sources are free or affordable, startups can advertise, connect, and serve their customers without going bankrupt.

As you can see, your startup has a lot to gain from developing an online presence. A strong, positive presence online creates credibility for your brand, develops your customers’ trust, improves customer service, decreases costs, and gives you an equal playing field to tussle with the competition for business. If you have not begun to develop a strategy for getting your startup buzzing on the internet, you could be missing out on the potential to take your startup to new heights.

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