Conscious Capitalism 2013: Preparing for the Paradigm Shift

Conscious Capitalism is an idea, a movement, an approach to conducting business, and an organization dedicated to advancing all of these.

“The shift in management paradigm is as transformational as the shift from the medieval view that the sun revolves around the earth to the view that earth and the other planets revolve around the sun. It is a fundamental transition in world-view. Once you make this shift, everything is different.”   

From a review by Steve Denning,, of Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business by John Mackey & Raj Sisodia

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On April 5th, 2013 at the Masonic Theater in San Francisco, leaders of the Conscious Capitalism movement will share their insights into the emerging new business paradigm at Conscious Capitalism 2013. On Saturday April 6th, they and others will share best practices and skills to put Conscious Capitalism to work.

Conscious Capitalism 2013 is a gateway into an emerging new business paradigm, an opportunity to learn practical skills for applying the principles of Conscious Capitalism, a place to connect with pioneers and fellow travelers, and a celebration of the heroic spirit of business.


Conscious Capitalism is an idea, a movement, an approach to conducting business, and an organization dedicated to advancing all of these.

Conscious Capitalism builds on the foundations of capitalism – voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, freedom to trade and the rule of law. These are essential to a healthy functioning economy, as are other elements of Conscious Capitalism including trust, compassion, collaboration and value creation. Conscious Capitalism comes to life as it is applied to business. Its four core principles reflect a recognition of interconnectedness and focus on creating value for all. These principles are higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership, and conscious culture.

While capitalism has proven to be the most successful form of human social cooperation and value creation ever known, there is room for improvement. Collectively, we recognize some of the unintended consequences of our activity in and through business and our economy (e.g. ecosystem pollution, suppression of the human spirit and ineffective activation of human potential, financial instability, etc.), and realize that there are better, more effective, more productive ways to orient and conduct ourselves in business, to the benefit of all, including financial stakeholders in our businesses. Conscious Capitalism reflects our inherent drive to improve our individual and collective condition and to elevate humanity.

Conscious Capitalism 2013

In many respects, Conscious Capitalism 2013 represents the global, public launch for Conscious Capitalism. It is the largest, most broad-based event Conscious Capitalism, Inc. has produced since it was organized (previously known as FLOW) in 2005.

The two-day event is designed for a broad and diverse audience, with the first day oriented for a general audience, including business practitioners, and the second day primarily for business practitioners.

Day One, Friday April 5th, at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco will feature talks by CEOs, founders, and executives from companies applying the four principles of Conscious Capitalism, such as The Container Store, Patagonia, Whole Foods Market, The Motley Fool and method.

Day Two at the InterContinental Hotel will offer 32 hands-on workshops facilitated by many of the presenters from Day One and other experts, including collaborating organizations The Drucker Institute, B Lab and Net Impact.

Whether we recognize it or not, we are all part of the Conscious Capitalism movement. After all, as customers, employees, investors, community members, founders and leaders, we are business and business is us. Conscious Capitalism 2013 provides an opportunity to make our participation in the Conscious Capitalism movement more .  .  . conscious!

For people actively engaged in running and building a business, Conscious Capitalism 2013 will provide deep insights into the principles of Conscious Capitalism and practical skills for putting it to work.

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