How to Create a Dynamic Marketing Plan—and Get Dynamite Results!

The best marketing plans today make effective use a number of platforms. That being said, one of the most powerful avenues a business has right now is digital/online marketing.

Many businesses often complain that traditional and online marketing methods are not worth what they cost. This can be partially due to the fact that marketing typically does not lead directly to sales so the return on investment is harder to quantify. However, the challenge with seeing value from marketing efforts can also be due to the fact that those efforts were, quite frankly, not all that great.

Hum-drum plans get hum-drum results

Many businesses—especially small businesses with limited marketing staff and dollars—often do not put enough into their marketing to get enough out of it.   Either that, or they don’t put enough time into creating an innovative marketing plan that works within their budget.  As a business function, however, marketing very much pays back based upon what is put in.

Dynamite results need dynamite plans

One cornerstone to a dynamite marketing plan is the use of different marketing platforms. These include the following (among others):

·         Direct Marketing

·         Event Marketing

·         Relationship Marketing

·         Database Marketing

·         Advertising

·         Digital Marketing

The industry your business is in, along with the target market you are trying to reach, will determine the platforms you use. For example, if you are B2B business, or a third party vendor, you may not benefit from posting a billboard up on the freeway for the average, everyday consumer.  On the other hand, maybe you are in a niche tech industry where tradeshows and conferences are the best venues for meeting executives that can make purchasing decisions.  Understanding your market, and who influences it, will help you determine which marketing platform to invest the most time and money in.

Online marketing is here to stay

The best marketing plans today make effective use a number of platforms.  That being said, one of the most powerful avenues a business has right now is digital/online marketing.

Sample activities that a progressive online marketing approach could incorporate include:

·         Online brand building / reputation management

·         Social media participation and integration

·         Use of infographics / video / content marketing pieces

·         Online merchandising

·         PPC as well as organic link building

This is not to say that offline marketing efforts should be ignored completely but rather that online marketing activities must be a key component of any dynamic marketing plan—if you want to have real results, that is.

Variety is the spice of marketing

As with many things in life, variety is one of the keys to success with marketing. Including multiple campaigns across differing platforms in your marketing plan is important—if you can properly execute them. Web graphics, for example, are one such component as these can be used onsite, in videos, in social media, online ads and more.

 To truly achieve dynamite marketing results you must incorporate variety and innovation across multiple channels.  First, find out everything you can about your consumers and competitors, and then plan accordingly.  Increased exposure, done in a creative way, can both build your brand and expand your sales.

An example of a company that helps companies think outside of the box and multidimensional is Struck helped promote the State of Utah to subway commuters in San Francisco. They replicated the picture of Delicate Arch in Utah in one of the subway stations. Commuters were amazed what they were walking through. Then struck created a  video showing commuters reactions which also was very successful. By leveraging your marketing assets you can come up with a great marketing plan.

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