Can Crowd Funding Change the World?

Zeoform is a game-changing material that replaces plastic and wood, made entirely of cellulose fibres and water – and nothing else!

ZEOFORM, a revolutionary materials company in Australia believes it can… with the help of millions of people that care about what our everyday products are made from and what happens when we dispose of them.

Zeoform is a game-changing material that replaces plastic and wood, made entirely of cellulose fibres and waterand nothing else! Imagine a material with the beauty of wood, the strength of fibre-glass and the versatility of plastic, that is environmentally stable, completely non-toxic, commercially proven and totally cost effective – then you begin to imagine the idea of Zeoform.

On September 20th at the ECOXPO in Sydney, Zeoform will launch an audacious campaign to raise $10million from people around the world, people like you and me, most of whom have never heard of it. Although, they say, within a few short years it will be known to them all as a household name.

Crowd funding is the new sensation for enterprising start-ups around the globe. From the Pebble Watch ($10m raised in 30 days) to the Ubuntu Edge Smartphone ($4m in 1 day!), the public is clearly inspired to fund the creation of cool concepts, products & services, often before they hit the market.

Famous environmentalist David Suzuki, keynote speaker at the ECOXPO has routinely encouraged the masses to ‘use resources more efficiently’ to help save our planet. Alf Wheeler, CEO of Zeoform agrees, saying his company’s solution, is to make consumer products more sustainably, products that can be returned to the Earth once discarded.

Alf’s hoping to enlist David as a campaign supporter during the Xpo.

For Zeoform to succeed with their fundraiser, they will have to wow audiences with something so compelling and convincing that it goes ‘viral’ – being spread through social networks of friends & colleagues within days of release.

But rather than follow the beaten path of Kickstarter and other established crowdsourcing platforms, Zeoform is blazing its own trail, relying on peoples’ longing to be part of a Revolution, and leverage the power of crowdsourcing.

Following years of rigorous scientific research, testing and prototyping, this campaign is the spark that will explode Zeoform into the international marketplace, launching a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and state-of-the-art factory, scheduled for completion in 2014.

Renowned Australian illustrator Lew Keilar was chosen to produce an eye-popping animation to attract a million people to pledge $10 to realise the Zeoform dream. If they succeed, it will take crowdsourcing to a whole new level – people collaborating to make lasting social, economic and environmental change.

Taking Margaret Mead’s words quite literally, the dedicated team behind Zeoform agrees that “…a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. Let’s see if they can pull it off.

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  1. Agreed Lyall – we need this stuff in the US. Sounds like it will create some huge employment opportunities. I’m thinking Wisconsin where all those paper makers have been laid off…

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