Have an Energy Efficient Business

Choosing a green energy management plan makes both ecological and economical senese.

The ecological movement and current scientific research help make us better aware of humanity’s footprint on the planet. Our greedy energy consumption encourages pollution as well as land destroying practices like fracking. Our energy dependence places unnecessary stress and strain on the planet. The more knowledge we gain about the negative footprints we leave behind the more we as businesses and as individuals look to reduce our tread.

Making a commitment to living an eco-friendly and sustainable life means creating good habits and cutting out bad ones. It also means reevaluating energy consumption and reliance on electronics. Reducing energy consumption not only helps the planet, it also helps reduce and eliminate energy spending for your business. Choosing a green energy management plan makes both ecological and economical senese.

Start small. Develop a plan of attack for your business and your employees to reduce energy wastefulness. Turn off electronics like computers at the end of the day and over the weekend. Install motion sensored lights in oft uninhabited warehouses, meeting rooms, and offices. Make sure all breakroom appliances like coffeemakers and toasters get unplugged at the end of the day.Replace any incandescent lighting with LEDs or compact fluorescents. Encourage those with office windows to utilize ambient light on bright days. Not only do lights use energy, they also throw off heat forcing climate control systems to work overtime.

Encourage employees to make earth healthy changes in their personal choices. Ask employees to bring reusable water bottles and coffee cups. Offer bike racks and a shower to boost bicycle commuting. Offer compliance rewards for the greenest employees. Set policies about the thermostat. Keep the temperature to an economical level and do not let employees play the battle of degrees. Maintaining a steady temperature requires less energy use.These small shifts in behavior add up not only to energy saving but they cultivate a culture of sustainability around the office. When energy conservation becomes a team mandate, all hands on deck will seek out new ways to save energy.

Once your office gets in the swing of good habits, investigate additional energy saving options. Look to green leaders in your industry for ideas about how to reduce energy use. Consult with an efficiency expert to ensure that your are making the best choices with your production lines. Research Texas electricity providers to discover not only better rates on utilities for your business, but also to find information about ways to further monitor and reduce energy consumption. Consider making the entire office paperless including eliminating mailings. Reducing printer use helps save energy, and eliminating the need for paper cuts down on waste.

Consider alternative energy resources. Solar energy provides a natural source of energy that also reduces costs. Switching to solar power might even entitle your business to sustainability tax credits. You could also look at moving into or investing building a LEED certified building. LEED certified buildings offer sustainable and energy efficient structures that must meet rigorous standards to achieve certification.

Aim to make and sustain good decisions about energy use around the office to reduce a big footprint to merely a tiptoe. Taking care and consideration with energy use benefits the planet and the bank ledger. Put your savings toward developing your business, or reward your employees for their hard work. Making green choices benefits everyone everywhere.

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