Entrepreneur Ginger Dosier won 680.000 USD to bring her sustainable product to market

Ginger Dosier is an American sustainable entrepreneur who won 680,000 USD at the Green Challenge in 2013 for her revolutionary brick production process.

Ginger Dosier is an American sustainable entrepreneur who won 680,000 USD at the Green Challenge in 2013 for her revolutionary brick production process.

It was Eben Bayer who inspired me and my team to enter the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. He told us about this international competition for green start-ups which he won with his company Ecovative in 2008. Eben is a brilliant young entrepreneur who developed an alternative for synthetic foams and plastics, from agricultural waste and the roots of mushrooms. A ground-breaking ‘green’ concept that would have never seen the light of day if Eben wouldn’t have registered for the Green Challenge.

A great boost

My company, bioMASON, entered the competition last year with a business case based on a new brick production process, offering a clean alternative to the existing process which generates massive emissions worldwide. A completely new concept that is inspired by natural formations like corals that grow to create strong structures. After numerous mistakes we succeeded to invent a totally new way to create bricks. This was quite a challenge, because bacteria are alive and working with them is a different skill.

Winning the Green Challenge in 2013 was a great boost to help a strong team with different ideas with different areas of expertise. One of the memorable moments was meeting one of the judges. Marcel Wanders, a designer we have admired for years. In fact, his ‘sponge’ vase was one of the inspirations for growing construction materials similar to coral. Now we have an initial order due at the end of this year and are moving to our manufacturing facility, while scaling our equipment.

Simple ideas with massive impact

This year the eighth edition of the annual competition for green business plans is open for sustainable start-ups from all over the world. I hope that I, just like Eben has done for me, can inspire and encourage sustainable entrepreneurs to enroll. It is a great initiative the Dutch Postcode Lottery to bring smart and innovative green products and services to the mass market and thereby helping to combat climate change. Ideas that pay: the winner will receive 500,000 euro (680,000 USD) to develop and bring to market his or her product or service. The organization will also award 200,000 euro (about 272,000 USD) to one or two runners-up.

In this year’s Green Challenge I am looking forward to see a lot of new mind-shifting ideas. Ideas that are simple, yet impactful. Simple, yet effective ideas that have massive impact and can be executed rapidly. In August 2014, the finalists will be announced on www.greenchallenge.info, Twitter and Facebook. If you want to be one them, don’t hesitate and register now. You can submit your business plan until 3 June at www.greenchallenge.info

Good luck to all entrepreneurs ready to enter the Green Challenge!

Ginger Dosier, bioMASON

Website: http://www.greenchallenge.info

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PLGreenChalleng
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PostcodeLotteryGreenChallenge

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