Father and Daughter Launch Made-in-the-USA PuraKai Organic Clothing

A father-daughter duo launched a Kickstarter project to promote their Made in the USA, organic clothing line.

PURAKAI TEESAN DIEGO, June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, 98% of the clothing sold in the USA is manufactured overseas, and nearly all of that clothing is made from fabrics that have a negative effect on the environment. However, if the ambitious father and daughter co-founders of PuraKai Clothing have their way,  not only will there be a new way to choose Made in the USA clothing, citizens will also be able to purchase clothing that was made from organic cotton grown in the USA, from “Seed to Shirt”.

The duo recently launched a Kickstarter project to produce Made in America clothing from California grown organic cotton. As Noel (the father) stated, “What we’re doing is creating a 100% USA based supply chain for Ocean Friendly organic cotton clothing that goes from the seed all the way to the shirt. We grow the organic cotton in California, spin the cotton into yarn inNorth Carolina, then knit, cut, sew, and print the shirts in California. All along the supply chain we are creating much needed US manufacturing jobs. “

In the wake of the Rana building collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1,127 garment workers in April, many consumers have been awakened to the realities of the working conditions for fast and cheap fashion. Retailers are under pressure to ensure their overseas supply chains are safe for workers, but several large retailers have failed to agree to new safety regulations. Many consumers are now looking for ethically made fashion, even if it means paying a little more. As Megan (the daughter) stated, “Knowing a shirt I’m wearing was made from organic cotton grown on US soil and helped provide much needed jobs here makes me feel good.”

PuraKai is trying to change the way people think about clothing, and just like in the organic food business, it’s an educational process. When people learn that PuraKai’s clothing is Non-GMO, grown without harmful synthetic herbicides and pesticides, which move off of agricultural lands and into rivers, lakes, and streams, and ultimately into the ocean, they start to understand the concept of PuraKai’s “Ocean Friendly” organic clothing.

As Noel stated, his love for the ocean might have gotten this Socially Responsible Business started, but it’s his daughter Megan’s passion for stylish clothing and eye for the latest fashion trends that will make this business a success over the long run.


About PuraKai: PuraKai is a Socially Responsible manufacturer of 100% Made in USA the clothing. The business was co-founded by a father who is a lifelong surfer and successful entrepreneur and his daughter who has a passion for stylish clothing. As members of 1% for the Planet, PuraKai donates 1% of their revenue to support the Billion Baby Turtle project and the San Diego Coastkeepers.

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