Forgotten Holidays Great for Business Promotions

When thinking about promotional possibilities around the calendar, don't get in a rut and rely on the same old obvious choices like everyone else. Instead get creative, get personal, and get going now on some of these awesome ideas for holiday promotions.

We are so accustomed to the norm that we get caught off guard when we hear of some new type of sale or happening. Catching a prospective audience off-guard isn’t necessarily a bad thing! At least you know you have gotten their attention.

Businesses rely on promotions all of the time. In fact, holidays and seasonal events are a given when it comes to many types of promotions. From the Super Bowl and March Madness to Valentine’s Day and Halloween, the treasure trove is over flowing with promotional opportunities.

When thinking about possibilities around the calendar, don’t get in a rut and rely on the same ol’, same ol’ obvious choices like everyone else. Instead get creative, get personal, and get going now on some of these awesome ideas for holiday promotions!

1.  Three Kings Day

January 6th marks Three Kings Day. If you have a male-skewed customer base or clientele, run a fun contest and call it “Three Kings for a Day”. Three lucky male winners can be treated to spa treatments, shopping, limo service, and a little luxury.

2.  Mother’s Day

Every one of us has a mother. So why wouldn’t every business find an ingenious way to use Mother’s Day to their advantage? Restaurants, florists, and chocolatiers shouldn’t be the only ones ranking in the dough. It makes no difference what kind of business you have – you can still run a Mother’s Day promotion, even if it is just a customer appreciation promotion for your female clients. Check out available customized gifts and promotional items on places like the Personal Creations site for ideas and discounts.

3.  4th of July

Many businesses are closed for this holiday and for good reason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved with local Independence Day events. Look into parade, float, and fireworks sponsorships. Nail something down early and then get creative in the lead-up with a promotion where contestants enter-to-win at your location for a glorious prize. Use the age old “must be present to win” maneuver. This also allows you to string the promotion along for a period of time and get them to the celebration!

4.  Liberty Day

Every year in America we celebrate Liberty Day on November first. This year why not turn Liberty Day into a fun promotion with a quirky contest and a great prize? Send out an email blast, and advertise for kids to enter their moms into a “Lady Liberty” contest, or set people off on a “Liberty” scavenger hunt where participants have to bring in images of Jeep Liberties in varying colors, locations, and disrepair. This is great for a car dealership or service center.

5.  Columbus Day

Yes, there are already a lot of “sales” each year on Columbus Day. Face it, department stores use any day they can slap the word “sale” at the end of. The difference for you is that you are going to do something unique, not just have an ordinary cents-off sale. Columbus was a sailor right? Get with the program, run with the theme and who knows what grand idea will become your Plymouth Rock!

If you need more ideas for unexpected promotional opportunities, Wiki has a great list of “awareness” days you can consult and pull from. The point is however, that there is no right or wrong day to have a promotion. It’s all about how you promote and execute it so don’t get locked into what everyone else is doing. Chances are your prospective customer marches to the beat of his own drum too.

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