How To Franchise Green

Making the entrepreneurial leap is one of the most exciting and terrifying steps you can take in your life. It is one fraught with tough questions that you must ask yourself. Am I willing to put in the long hours? Will my family accept those hours? Can I afford this? The list goes on and on, and if you’re a green-minded person, you will have many others highlighting your concerns about whether the franchise you choose will be able to satisfy your desire to do good things for the planet while simultaneously doing good things for yourself.

Fortunately the creative mind you have used to get to this position can help you work through it in a gratifying way. Whether you’re already a franchisee or you’re considering a new venture, there are ways to help the environment through your business.

Avoiding Waste

The UPS Store Franchise in your city must operate within the parameters of the parent company in order to maintain the franchise. There are dozens of issues from store branding to staff dress code that are rigorously overseen by UPS at the corporate level.

However, in a franchise such as this you also have options for reducing your carbon footprint. Packaging of goods involves use of Styrofoam, paper, cardboard, and other materials. Training customers and staff to use them judiciously–although still in compliance with company standards–can reduce your consumption of these products, which will have an environmental impact.

Your company may also mandate certain lighting standards for security and visibility, but they won’t mind your use of CFL’s to provide that brightness. And judicious use of your window treatments to regulate light and heat is also unlikely to incite frowns from the main office.

Reusing Waste

For most people, fast-food restaurants are the first thing they think of in franchising. And that often ties directly to thoughts of a greasy oil dumpster out back–an environmentalist’s heartbreak.

Restaurants that utilize deep fryers will consume a considerable amount of vegetable or peanut oil. And while there are many companies that will come and collect the material for reutilization, it can be better publicity for you as a green entrepreneur if you make a personal connection with local biodiesel producers and work out a deal with them for the waste.

Franchising With A Green Company

The simple fact is that some corporate partners will be more concerned with the environment than others. So before jumping aboard with one of them, make sure they share enough of your world view that you will be able to work with them on creative options like those listed above. It won’t take long to make that determination; an eco-minded company will be sure to highlight their environmental priorities in not only their franchise promotion but in their overall company image.

If their goal is profit, profit, and more profit–and if you’ve seen them in the news for some iffy behavior pertaining to ecology–they’re probably a bad fit for reasons beyond their opinions of our planet.

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