The green teams saving your business energy

Despite the insistence of Kermit the Frog, it’s not easy being green – especially if you’re a small business.

With outgoing costs, bank managers acting like the wolf at your door and constant pressure to satisfy customers for less, issues like the environment tend to recede into the background.

But environmental sustainability has too many advantages to be ignored.

Indeed, multinational chemical experts DuPont cut their carbon emissions by 65 per cent in the past decade, while car manufacturers General Electric aim to reduce their energy intensity by 50 per cent by 2015.

And they’re not doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, either.

Cutting carbon emissions is dramatically good for business, pulling in new customers with your eco-credibility and cutting waste and electricity costs.

So it’s official – if you want to play with the big boys in business, you’ve got to go green. But how can your enterprise break into environmental sustainability without breaking the bank?

Get a great deal

For a start, you can find a green deal installer who will evaluate your electrical fittings and figure out how to turn it from chugging, Victorian workhouse-style fittings to sleek, hyper-futuristic renewable energy that won’t damage the environment.

The possibilities are multifarious and getting cheaper all the time.

From solar panels, which have dropped in price by a third in the past few years, to wind power or even simply improved gas connections, finding ways to wean your company off fossil fuels is part of the job of a green deal installer.

Teaming up with one of these green team contractors is the easiest way to make your business sustainable, but a little bit of help from your employees can make your business a green team of its very own.

Keeping staff in the loop

In fact, you could argue that your newly green business model isn’t worth much if your staff aren’t jumping on the bandwagon with you.

And once you’ve got all the means for an eco-friendly workplace, you want as many enthused volunteers as possible.

So, for your final eco trick, you’ll have to well up an enthusiasm for renewable energy, recycling and beating your competitors in the green stakes. You could even consider gamifying your workplace’s recycling program, handing out prizes to the most prolifically eco-friendly member of staff.


The real key to making your business green is persistence. With help from professionals and your employees, it could be easier being green than you first thought.

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