Greenpeace: Save Santa’s Home Campaign

Santa is heading towards his busiest month of the year, but his North Pole home is in jeopardy.  Climate change is having a great impact on our planet as it continues to melt the polar ice caps and destroy the Arctic.  How can you summon up the courage to break the news to your children that we have contributed to the destruction of Santa’s Home? Greenpeace has put a fantastic campaign into motion to help Save Santa’s Home before it’s too late!

Santa has been extremely active through his social media accounts to highlight the problems he is suffering this Christmas.

Santa has been posting about his problems on Facebook:

Save Santa's Home Facebook 1

He has been sharing photos on Instagram:

Save Santa's Home Instagram 2

This campaign helps to bring to light the massive problem that faces our planet with regards to climate change and Greenpeace is doing its best to help Save Santa’s Home and protect the Arctic by creating a safe sanctuary around the North Pole.

Find out more and join celebrities such as Vivienne Westwood and Madonna by signing the petition and helping spread the urgent message through sharing these images with your friends and family through your social media accounts. 

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