How to Hire (or become) a COO at a Social Enterprise

A panel discussion with several COOs of San Francisco based social enterprises about how to manage operations in the social impact sector, including how to hire (or become) a COO.

There are many challenges to creating and scaling a social enterprise, not the least of which is managing operations. For founders who want to turn a visionary idea into reality, it can be hard to manage day to day details as well as work on long term strategy. To be truly effective, founders need to hand off some operations management to a COO in order to devote more time to developing strategy and partnerships.

This event will highlight some of the common practices of social enterprise operations, and help you understand how to hire or become your own COO. We will cover such topics as how to find a COO who’s a good fit with the founder, what kinds of skills to learn if you want to become a COO, and more.

Monday, July 15
6-8 pm

144 2nd St
San Francisco, CA


Mainul Islam, COO of Medic Mobile
Michael P. Gusek, Head of Operations at
Jill Isenstadt, VP Business Operations and Strategy at SamaSource

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