Why It’s Important to Use Energy Efficient Lighting For Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you’ve hopefully trained yourself to look for savings any way you can. Even saving a few hundred dollars per year can really help your business. While many business owners look to consolidate employee positions, reduce expenses, and more to save money, there’s one thing many business owners don’t consider that could save them thousands.
As you’ve probably guessed, we’re talking about energy efficient lighting. So why should your business use energy efficient lighting? Here’s why you’ll want to make the switch to energy efficient bulbs.

You’ll Save Money (And It’ll Be A Lot More Than A Few Pennies)

You’ve heard the argument that energy efficient bulbs save you money, but if you knew exactly how much money you can save, you might be a little more excited. Replacing your traditional 100W light bulbs with 25W compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs can save you quite a bit in your business’s energy costs.

Here’s how the numbers breakdown for 2,500 hours of use per year, courtesy of Michigan State University:

  • Traditional light bulb: $25.00 per year to operate.
  • CFL light bulb: $6/25 per year to operate.

That’s a savings of $18.75 per year per bulb! Now imagine your office uses a total of 100 bulbs. Those savings quickly add up to $1,875 annually. How would you invest nearly $2,000 back into your business?

The savings don’t’ have to end there. If your business uses LED bulbs instead, you’ll save even more money. For 50,000 hours of use, LED bulbs cost about $85 (that number includes the price of the bulb and the cost of the energy used to power it). CFL light bulbs cost on average $89. Traditional light bulbs, however, cost over $350!

Even Small Businesses Can Save Money

Many business owners think these kinds of savings are only for businesses with large, well-lit spaces. Not so. In fact, those numbers quoted above were originally meant to show homeowners the kinds of savings they can expect. That means even small businesses can expect to see good returns on the energy efficient lighting investment.

Aren’t The Savings Offset By The Cost Of The Bulbs?

In the short term, yes, LED bulbs and CFL bulbs cost more than traditional light bulbs. However, the savings quickly add up. LED bulbs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. CFL bulbs are designed to last for 10,000 hours.
That means that over the life of the bulb, you’ll replace the LED and CFL bulbs far less often than you would a traditional bulb. So while the short-term cost is higher, that is quickly offset due to significantly lower energy and replacement costs.

Choosing The Right Bulbs For Your Business

Knowing which type of bulb to choose for your business depends on several different factors.
First, your currently installed lighting can limit your choices. If you’ve only got traditional light sockets, then you can choose to purchase CFL or LED bulbs that will fit into those fixtures.

If you have the budget, you may want to invest in new light fixtures that use energy efficient lighting. Having lighting fixtures that are compatible with some of the more efficient bulbs (such as the GU10 LED) is another up-front investment that will pay for itself several times over.

You can also check the Energy Star website to see a detailed list of the different types of lightbulbs to determine which would fit best for your office.

Making the investment in energy efficient lighting may seem like the last way your business can save money, but numbers don’t lie. By changing over to LED or CFL bulbs, you’ll save thousands of dollars for your business – that’s a lot of money you can reinvest into other profit-generating activities. Evaluate your business’s lighting needs today to see how you can switch and save.

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