How to Improve Employee Productivity in your New Office

When improving employee productivity in the workplace, many employers would try at look at their management techniques. However, the solution may lie with the physical walls of the organisation. By changing the interior design and overall look of the environment, you may help to encourage your staff to work much more efficiently.

Here are a number of top tips that will help your workforce to become more productive:


If your previous office was organised chaotically, now is the time to put that right. When moving to a new office you have the opportunity to encourage your workforce to become more organised and this will improve the efficiency of the office.

To create a more organised space, consider grouping the individual departments together or think in terms of grouping related materials. By keeping your company letterheads and envelopes in the same place your mailing system will run much more smoothly. It’s also wise to ensure that you have plenty of printer paper and ink cartridges in case you need to change them quickly. Having all the essentials in one place will save you looking for items you need and will make sure the workplace is working quickly and efficiently.

Install effective lighting

By installing effective lighting in the workplace, you can improve the results of your employees. Having direct lighting overhead can often cause optic strain, headaches and less accuracy so it’s essential to make sure the lighting isn’t too extreme for your employees.

When choosing lighting for your office space, make sure it has a dimming function so you are able to adjust the amount of light that enters the room, ensuring that it is at a comfortable level. A new office gives the opportunity to address lighting issues and create a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Optimise your space

If the workflow in your current office doesn’t work very well, why not review how they are positioned? Are employees sectioned off from each other?  If your staff are currently isolated from one another, a new workspace will help to prevent you from creating physical barriers whilst giving you the opportunity to improve productivity.

Having a common area or a layout that encourages the workforce to interact will also help to encourage your staff to talk and work well together. By grouping employees together in this way you will create more communication, more sharing of ideas and an overall happier workforce.

Think Ergonomically

When buying supplies for your new office space you may think you need to look for the lowest price equipment, but ensuring that the supplies are of the highest quality and comfort may see your staff work much more efficiently. In fact, companies that have implemented more ergonomic tools and furnishings have seen measurable increases in efficiency, lower error rates, and greater employee retention.

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