Improve Your Home With These 5 Eco-Friendly Design Tips

There’s more to interior design than just the purely aesthetic. From pollutants in the air to environmental impact around the world, the materials you use to furnish and decorate your home have a real impact on the world as a whole.

From eco-friendly tiles and wood flooring to neat tricks for reducing pollutants in your home’s air, read on to discover five eco-friendly design tips from the experts at The Tile Depot to help you build the ultimate eco-friendly living space.

1. Use windows and skylights to illuminate your home

Natural light is completely free, amazingly healthy, and perfect for lighting up your home without wasting any resources. Install large windows and skylights in rooms you spend a lot of time in to maximise sunlight and keep your home well lit.

There are hundreds of benefits of natural light, particularly for people that spend a lot of time at home. Natural light kills bacteria in your home, freshens your air, and causes you to feel more energetic and alert during the day.

2. Whenever possible, buy furniture and decorations locally

Even eco-friendly furniture can damage the environment when it’s shipped or flown halfway across the world. If you’re struggling to choose between an exotic imported sofa and an identical local version, choose the local option to help the environment.

3. Place plants in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms

Just like natural light, plants have a huge range of benefits for both your health and the health of your home. Place plants in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms to freshen your home’s air and give rooms a relaxing, natural ambiance.

4. Buy antique furniture to help protect the world’s forests

Even modern homes can benefit from antique furniture. If you’re concerned about the impact that logging has on the world’s forests, consider buying used furniture to decorate your home without using up valuable natural resources.

Antique sofas and recliners are perfect for the living room, the home office, and even the bedroom. Antique desks and tables can also look wonderful, even in homes that use an otherwise modern interior design scheme.

5. Choose tiles and wooden flooring with a low environmental impact

Not all flooring is made equal. Certain timber floors can have a greater impact on the environment than others, while some painted tiles can clash with green decorations and interior plants.

Choose wooden flooring or tiling that matches your eco-friendly decorating without causing any damage to the world’s forests. There are a variety of natural, attractive tiles from Tile Depot that suit green, eco-friendly homes.

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