The Intrinsic Value Exchange: Hacking Wall Street For Good

Intrinsic Value Exchange, IVE, is the first Natural Assets Trading Platform in the world. Designed to value natural and societal assets, IVE is one part financial exchange and one part social movement.

20130416111436-IVE_Image_For_IGGv8In today’s economy we cannot make a living from a forest, unless we cut it down. We make billions treating sickness, but nothing by keeping people healthy. We have a massive design flaw built into our economic system—our economy excludes many values and certain costs when it gives us the price of an item. When children get asthma from air pollution, we do not find a “Children’s Asthma” surcharge at the gas pump. Nor does the price of gas include the cost of sitting in traffic and polluting the air in the first place. Omitting these costs results in the destruction of natural resources, a decline in human well-being and an economy less productive than it could be. Until we have a mechanism that tells the full story, we are left with a system that prevents us from ever truly having a healthy economy and environment.

“We want our powerful market economy to work with our plentiful natural and societal capital, not against it,” said founder, Douglas Eger. “This is the inspiration for the Intrinsic Value Exchange (IVE).” An innovative economic solution that addresses the root cause of many of the environmental and social problems we face today, IVE harnesses Wall Street and the power of our market economy to bring about real change. “We are going to take things that are not priced or valued properly and for the first time include them in our existing economy,” says Eger. Working with organizations like the Stanford Woods Institute and Keep Tahoe Blue, IVE aggregates extensive data to generate an intrinsic value for natural and societal assets. The public then “votes” on the value of these assets, assets like Lake Tahoe, bluefin tuna and healthy children by investing and trading in them. The system functions much like a traditional stock exchange, where the market sets prices through trading. With a market price, we can value a tree in a forest and the forest itself without cutting it down. For instance, the IVE market may say a particular tree is worth $50,000 over its lifetime and only $400 if it is cut down; it reframes our understanding of value and cost.

From Tea Party to Green Party, IVE has generated interest from a spectrum of thought leaders and foundations. Environmentalist and entrepreneur, Paul Hawken, calls the project “fascinating” and James C. Langdon, active in energy-related issues presented before the U.S. Congress, says, “While I am not one who engages in environmental political advocacy, I do care deeply about certain environmental issues. If I could invest in these natural assets that are dear to me, I would do so. Investing speaks louder than words alone”

Based in San Francisco, IVE was founded by longtime business and life partners Douglas Eger, former chairman and CEO of AMEX-listed Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, and Cristina Khuly, creative director of Entertaining Ideas. Together they have founded multiple companies in technology development and corporate finance, produced documentary films including “Shoot Down” and executive produced “War/Dance”, which received an Academy Award nomination and two Emmy’s, among other prizes. IVE was formally launched in June 2013 with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for beta development With a version of the online exchange platform scheduled to go live in six months, IVE is growing rapidly and looking for involvement on all levels.

IVE is an online natural asset stock exchange designed to value natural and societal assets—assets like clean air, water, wildlife and human potential. By creating a financial value for these assets they can be protected and grown while expanding our economic opportunities. IVE is one part financial exchange and one part social movement.

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