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small sv logoNew Independent Investment Firm, Sustainvest Asset Management  LLC, starts in Bay Area

New investment advisory firm, Sustainvest Asset Management LLC  focused on sustainable and responsible investing (SRI), has started operations.  The firm focuses on investment management for individuals, trusts, foundations and non-profit organizations searching for an investment advisor who specializes in SRI including environmental, social and governance (ESG) screening, shareholder advocacy or activism, along with community and/or impact investing.

“Consumers, especially in the bay area, are seriously integrating sustainability and eco-conscious decisions into their everyday lives.  They can be doing the same with their investment portfolio by working with an advisor who focuses on integrating both financial analysis and sustainability into asset management. If consumers want to have an impact with their investment dollars and steer clear of companies that face endless litigation suits, eliminating those disgusting oil companies and gigantic greedy banks from their portfolios is a sure way to do so”,  stated Dale Wannen, President and Founder of Sustainvest Asset Management.

“It’s all about being transparent.  As an independent fee-only investment advisory firm, Sustainvest has the liberty of not being held down by selling proprietary products which many of the big brokers do. Look at our website and there are the fees in black and white.  The investment world has this cloud over its head due to some of these brokerage firms who aren’t very open about how they charge, their management style, or even what they do as they have their hand in so many games. That needs to change”, Wannen stated.

Dale brings over 15 years of experience in wealth management and most recently was Portfolio Manager and Director of Shareholder Advocacy with Harrington Investments.  He holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco and a BA in Economics. He frequently speaks and writes on the topic of shareholder advocacy and has a passion for using financial mechanisms in pursuit of a more just and sustainable economy.

If interested in learning more, contact Dale at 707-766-9680 or email at

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