How to Keep Your Company Secure Online and Offline

It takes more than free antivirus software and an oversized padlock to keep your business secure.

From data breaches, identity theft, social engineering and fraud, not to mention nefarious interlopers attempting to burgle your premises, your firm should be in a constant state of red alert.

Quite simply, when it comes to crimes against your company, it’s a case of when not if – and with the speed and deviousness of contemporary criminal techniques, there’s work to be done …

… and we’re here to help you get through it.

In order to deter intruders, both online and offline, there are several important steps your firm can take to slash the risk of sensitive information and valuable stock falling into the wrong hands.

Keep Up With the Times

One of the simplest ways to stay on top of cyber threats is by reading the business pages and being aware of the ways online criminals can scam your business. Check out online safety sites like Knowthenet or CyberStreet and try to keep one step ahead.

Implement a Robust Firewall

If you think that a data breach is something that only happens to other companies, you’re in for a big shock.  Put simply, if your network is unprotected, external threats are a real possibility – which is why a firewall should be put in place to prevent attacks on your internal network.

Apply Good Password Practices

To prevent your network becoming an open invitation to reprehensible hackers, it’s vital you and your employees are also following good password practices. This means avoiding passwords like “john123” or “password2014” and opting for one around 8-10 characters in length, which includes letters, numbers and symbols.

Beware Of Personal Employee Devices

If your employees tend to bring their own electronic devices into the workplace, it’s vital you ensure they’re adhering to company policies. Why? Because it’s difficult to control what information is coming in and going out of their device, so it pays to be on top of it.

Invest In Security Fencing

While the methods above should help keep you protected online, security fencing – whether it’s an electric fence for unbeatable protection, sports fencing to protect your games area or barbed wire for a decidedly meaner look – is a precautionary measure that should be fundamental when it comes to safeguarding your interests.

Install CCTV

Much like security fencing, CCTV should be one of the first things a business owner thinks about when it comes to protecting their property. Not only will CCTV make camera shy criminals think twice about scaling your perimeter, if they ignore the warnings it should make it much easier for the police to pick up the prowlers.

Admittedly, when it comes to securing your business online and offline, there’s much more to be mindful of than the tips above – but by being aware of the risks to your business, this advice will go a long way to preventing your firm from falling foul of cash-thirsty criminals.


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