Kinship Conservation Fellows invites you to “Market-based Mechanisms in Action: A Focus 2012 Conference” San Francisco, Sep. 26.

Join Kinship Conservation Fellows on September 26, as we take an in-depth look at innovative conservation strategies that tackle today’s critical environmental challenges. Registration closes on September 23!

Market-based Mechanisms in Action: A Focus 2012 Conference is a day-long event providing an opportunity for those interested in critical conservation issues to discuss trends and innovations in market-based tools for conservation and to network with Kinship Fellows from the Bay Area and around the world.

Kinship Conservation Fellows is an environmental leadership program that emphasizes market-based solutions to environmental problems. Kinship’s growing global network of 174 Fellows in 46 countries and six continents is collaborative, entrepreneurial, and dynamic.

“In 2005, market-based conservation was just beginning to take shape,” says Maria Teresa Vargas, a 2005 Kinship Fellow and executive director of Fundación Natura Bolivia. “It has been a privilege to be part of the global movement towards Payments for Environmental Services, especially as we have been lucky enough to help lead the field with new ideas and experiences.”

At Market-based Mechanisms in Action: A Focus 2012 Conference, Kinship Fellows from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), World Wildlife Fund Sweden (WWF), Sustainable Conservation, Rare, and more, are presenting the latest developments in their work and addressing the pressing issues they confront on a daily basis.

Joe Whitworth, President of The Freshwater Trust, will deliver the Keynote Address, “Holding the Line is Losing: How Environmental Gain will Define the Next Era of Conservation.” He will discuss how the future of conservation depends on quantified results and market mechanisms, as well as how his organization is making water quality trading operational at scale and the implications for achieving true environmental gain in the century to come. For a preview of Joe’s expertise, watch his talk at TEDxPortland, “Rivers Are Not Supposed to Burn.”

This is the final Focus 2012 event over the course of the year of international, collaborative activities. Fellows have led a number of webinars during a special Kinship Webinar Series; organized and presented at workshops in the U.S., Sweden, and Kenya; contributed thought-provoking articles for The Kinship Lens (Kinship’s blog); and launched regional chapters and affinity groups around the world.

“[Kinship Fellows are] an incredible network of talented conservationists,” says James Remuzzi, President of Sustainable Solutions, LLC and 2007 Kinship Fellow. “Having a global network of professionals is a pretty powerful resource.”

Join us on Sept. 26 for this high-impact networking event with leaders in the field. Return to work with renewed inspiration, innovative ideas, and newly formed connections.

Registration closes on Sunday, Sept. 23. Register now to save your spot! For the conference website, click here. For the agenda and list of speakers, click here.

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