LIVE FEED: Global Philanthropy Forum Day 3

In partnership with the Global Philanthropy Forum, TriplePundit is pleased to offer these live streaming videos of the forum.  Just click the Youtube video below to join in, or watch later on.

Citizen Solution: Redefining Value – 9:00-10:15am:


Leveraging markets and private sector ingenuity will be a key component of poverty alleviation strategies going forward. Increasingly, private sector companies have expanded their definition of “value” beyond the creation of shareholder wealth to include the advancement of the interests of stakeholders including suppliers, consumers, employees and society at large.  Panelists will discuss this normative shift, and the practical implications of “inclusive business” pursuing “shared value” strategies that create jobs and contribute to the fabric of the community. They will also speak about efforts to construct an ecosystem for impact investing, the new focus on creating jobs and building a resilient middle class.




Patrick Dupuis, CFO, PayPal

Bruce McNamer, Head of Global Philanthropy and CEO, JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Clara Miller, President, F.B. Heron Foundation

Frederic Sicre, Managing Director, The Abraaj Group

[Moderator] Aron Cramer, CEO, BSR





In Conversation…Egyptian Foreign Minister, Nabil Fahmy

Nabil Fahmy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arab Republic of Egypt

[Moderator] Jane Wales




Closing Plenary: Citizen Solution: Redefining Service and Society – 10:45-12:05pm:


As we explore the process of redefining development, philanthropy and leadership, we recognize that these new definitions are made real by individuals who choose to serve. As technology helps us erase borders and focus on our common humanity, these pioneering individuals serve their neighbors, communities, nations and, increasingly, the world. How do we ensure that as young people grow up, they become caring individuals who are committed to serve society? One answer can come from government leaders who can create or enhance opportunities to serve, and establish the expectation that citizens do so. We will hear from the former heads of state of Ghana and Norway about ways in which they redefined service in their respective nations, and continue to do so. What are their visions for improving collaboration between governments and ingenious citizens to further the goals of inclusive development?


Gro Brundtland, Former Prime Minister of Norway

John Kufuor, Former President of Ghana; Founder, The John A. Kufuor Foundation

[Moderator] Jane Wales


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