Living Today in Tomorrow’s Home

The computer-powered mechanized home that our grandparents fantasized about is fast becoming a reality.

The computer-powered mechanized home that our grandparents fantasized about is fast becoming a reality.

Smartphone apps and updated home technology are making it possible for us to do many household tasks from anywhere we wish.

If the thought of protecting your home, reducing your bills, and making your life simpler sounds appealing, you are probably already looking for ways to adopt some home automation technology.

Everything from good old burglar alarms to solar energy is under the umbrella of companies like Vivint.  Vivint reviews indicate an aggressive, creative approach to expanding their product offerings, which means that you’d be getting involved with a company that’s sure to be around for your support in the future.

And reviews for Vivint show that the company’s unique blend of innovative services will have a positive impact on the environment and your personal finances.

Consumers considering a change to a smart home should think about how the various services available can benefit them.  Here’s a look at what choices you have when considering home automation.

Solar Power

Don’t worry.  Your home will not look like something from Star Wars if you make a move to get off the grid and generate your own electricity.  Modern solar technology can install right on your roof and help you displace power that used to come in through a meter.

If you don’t think right away that solar power pays off, ask yourself if you’re making that decision based on 1990’s information or data from 2013.  The changes in the technology with solar power have not only made them smaller and more aesthetically pleasing, they have also made them more efficient in power generation and expense.

Where does that take you?  Other than the answer “off the grid”, it can also take you away from the gas pump by allowing you to invest in an electric car that charges with renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

Lighting & Appliance Control

If you’ve ever left a living room lamp attached to a timer to trick would-be burglars into thinking you’re home, you probably didn’t really think you had them fooled.  Some quick observation would show them that only one light is operating, and it’s on a set schedule.

If you want to keep burglars fooled, remote lighting control permits you to turn off and on whatever lights you wish, whenever you want.  That’s also helpful if someone needs to come to your house while you’re gone, or if you’ve forgotten and left energy-hungry bulbs turned on.

No need to fret over forgetting to start the dishwasher or turn off the oven, either.  Home automation also lets you activate and deactivate your appliances from elsewhere, and you can even adjust your thermostat to avoid needless activity when no one is home.

Home Security

Smart homes are far ahead of simply activating an annoying siren when a window is broken.  Modern equipment can integrate traditional notification systems with video, and you can even tune in from elsewhere to keep an eye on people who may be doing repairs in your home or babysitting.

Today’s home can be more secure and energy efficient than ever.  Home automation can streamline your day and help you protect your money and your property.

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