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Modern technology makes it easy for consumers to spread the word – good or bad – about the products and services they use. Customers have more power than ever before, and they're not shy about using it.

Modern technology makes it easy for consumers to spread the word – good or bad – about the products and services they use. Customers have more power than ever before, and they’re not shy about using it. So how can you harness that power to show off your business in its most favorable light? Try a common sense approach.

7 Ways to Get Good Online Reviews for Your Business

1. Quality. Provide quality products and excellent customer service.

2. Say, “please.” When a customer compliments your business, gently request a review. Most will be happy to oblige. Let them know how they can do so and how much you would appreciate it.

3. Make it easy. Don’t make your customers jump through hoops to rate your product or post a review. They will not waste their time trying to navigate a confusing website. 

4. Communicate. Engage in social media – make your presence known on Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. Have conversations with your customers and answer their questions. Opening up the lines of communication will make them more apt to offer a positive review. People want to feel the human presence behind the business.

5. Keep up with reviews for your business. Set aside time each week to check out ratings and reviews. Positive reviews will tell you what you’re doing right so you can play on your strengths, and you may gain valuable insight from negative comments.

6. Work at it. When you get a negative comment, don’t argue about it. Address the issue and try to turn a negative into a positive. That’s the kind of thing that gets people talking.

7. Let it go. Unfortunately, it is human nature to complain and people who are unhappy tend to be more vocal about it. You can’t fix every complaint. Don’t get caught up in a back and forth – it’ll only fuel the fire. Sometimes, you just have to let it go. This will allow newer reviews to rise to the top.

That’s the right way to gain positive reviews. Unscrupulous business owners who don’t think they can stand on their own merits have been known to use other methods. Here are two of the worst ways to get online reviews.

1.  Post glowing reviews of your own business (or have your employees, friends, and family do it). Usually, people can see right through this ruse, and it can be easily exposed. There’s just no good way to spin it if you get caught. And it’s downright nasty to post negative reviews of your competitors.

2. Pay or bribe. If you pay for reviews, or exchange goods and services, the review will be suspect even if it is honest. As for offering freebies to your customers in exchange for good reviews, word will get around and you won’t come off looking good.

If you stick to the common sense, long-term approach, putting good business practices ahead of the short-term gain of bogus reviews, your patience will be rewarded.

Your customers have the technology at their fingertips. It only takes minutes to share how they feel about your business. Give them every reason to spread a positive word.

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  1. It’s always a challenge getting reviews, particularly online. There is also the risk of actually soliciting complaints from exactly the people that you are trying to get reviews from! I have heard rumour, fairly recently, of a company that went our actively pursuing Google reviews from customers and found that more than 50% of the activity ended up coming in as either a form of complaint or a negative review.

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