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With offices in fifty nine global locations, the team at Marcus Evans deliver a range of business services across a number of industries.

With offices in fifty nine global locations, the team at Marcus Evans deliver a range of business services across a number of industries. As well hosting a range of exclusive business summits and conferences throughout the year, the company provides on-going professional training across a variety of areas. In addition to this, the company’s hospitality division specialises in combining corporate hospitality with the world’s largest sports events to provide a unique and exclusive environment for businesses to entertain clients and reward staff.

By providing exemplary professional training, they enable businesses to achieve their objectives and identify key growth areas. In addition to offering open courses, many businesses opt for bespoke services which are tailored to their specific needs. By using the latest training products and delivering the latest industry information, businesses are able to respond to industry changes and benefit from them rather than become a victim to them. Specialising in marketing, social media, supply chain, product and project management, defence, HR, PR and management and leadership training courses, means that companies can obtain training in any or all of the areas in which they require it. In addition to educating and motivating their workforce, the unique training environment and range of innovative solutions ensures businesses benefit from the professional training available.

Hosting a variety of exclusive business summits and conferences enables key business representatives and decision makers to determine what the future of the industry means for their business.  The events are often heralded as flagship events within their respective industries and enable decision makers to networking with industry peers and colleagues as well as liaise with solutions providers. The wealth of opportunities for summit and conference attendees means that delegates, and their businesses, often benefit from attending the events for years afterwards.

The corporate hospitality division enables clients to implement key strategies as well as facilitates their requirements for VIP hospitality. By providing access to international sporting events, businesses in every continent can host unique hospitality events and gain access to exclusive sporting events throughout the year. In addition to providing corporate hospitality for potential and valued clients, companies often rely on the corporate hospitality division to provide exclusive hospitality services to incentivise motivate and reward their staff.

By providing a range of business services, Marcus Evans helps businesses to facilitate and implement key business strategies and set new business objectives. In addition to providing the theoretical knowledge, businesses are able to network with key industry leaders, implement new business processes and attract new clients. By providing sector specific training and delivering up to the minute industry news, businesses can be at the forefront of change within their respective industries whilst increasing their overall businesses success and revenue. For more information about the different business summits that Marcus Evans runs please visit:

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