Do You Need to be Good at Maths to be an Accountant?

If you’re thinking of going into accountancy, you may be wondering whether it is necessary to have a maths qualification to get you going! As many people tend to struggle with maths at a young age, the word can often elicit memories of struggling with sums, long division and fractions. Perhaps you disliked the subject in the past, but would like to return to a role in accountancy now?

Maths is not always necessary if you would like to study to be an accountant so take a look at these top tips to find out more:

Do you need mathematical qualifications?

If you are looking to study accounting, you can feel rest assured that you do not need lots of maths qualifications as a working knowledge of arithmetic and basic algebra will allow any student to complete a basic accounting course.

Although you will be required to learn about numerical data and the maths tools used, it is only the addition and subtraction that can prove to be difficult.

The only part of maths that you may need to learn more accurately is the skill to measure the first analyzing transactions before recording them. This initial analysis of transactions is ideal for determining the correct amounts to record, which requires basic maths skills.  You would only need more maths skills than this if you are working at a more advanced and professional level.

What does accounting entail?

When you become an accountant you will need to learn many ideas, rules and procedures that are specific to accountancy. Accountancy also requires careful and logical approach as well as plenty of careful thinking that can often be taught in accountancy classes. If you feel out of your depth when training to be an accountant, why not think about the following options:

-Take a basic maths class

-Make sure the course is specifically targeted towards business situations

-If you are struggling in your maths classes, why not ask to see a maths tutor on a regular basis to keep your skills up to speed.

-Study and practice your skills using a maths text book to help you.

Taking up an accounting course

When you are studying to be an accountant you will often work on a few key principles such as accounting theory, principles and the specific procedures. Depending on what kind of class you decide to go for, you will probably learn one of these key aspects in more detail. A general accounting class will provide you with a broad understanding and will give you the opportunity to study financial statements and authentic accounting information. By studying using text books, gaining help from a tutor and attending a course you will be sure to have all the qualifications you need to be a successful accountant.

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  1. this is very helpful ive been thinking of taking accountancy as my course and like most of them im not that good in math this is very helpful if i should really take this job thanks guys ! :)

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