New App Launch: Augmented Reality Meets ‘A Message in a Bottle’!

New, unique iOS app launch inspiring serendipity and chance encounters through the stories we map as a global community.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.50.33 PMFeetprints is a unique app that says NO to algorithms increasingly automating our human interactions. This app is different as it does not rely on big data or recommendations to connect people socially. Rather, it is a playful game of whimsy and exploration through stories we map and ‘feetprints’ we leave behind global community. Imagine playing hide-and-seek in search of a lost ‘message in a bottle’ in augmented reality. Most of all, Feetprints is a reminder to be spontaneous, have fun, and hold fast to the mystery that still remains.

The campaign is live for 2 more weeks! Make a pledge today to make Feetprints publicly available in the app store, open source and free to use and build upon.

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Playfull Labs empowers through play. We are an innovations lab that creates games and experiences addressing civic concerns with playful solutions to community-based problems. Born out of a neighborhood hackathon in April this year, Founder Stephanie Lowe mobilized a small group of friends who identified a concern of ‘wanting to get to know our neighbors better,’ and Feetprints was borne. Support Playfull’s first game by backing their recently launched Kickstarter campaign to help push Feetprints into production!





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