New Tool MilkCrate for Communities: A Win For Us and the Environment

Personal mobile app expands to guide corporations, universities, residential communities and eventually municipalities in making sustainable choices.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – With the intention to broaden their impact, sustainable tech company, MilkCrate, announced that it will evolve from acquiring individual users to larger corporations and organizations with the release of a brand new product, MilkCrate for Communities.

The new enterprise tool, which officially launches this month, is a mobile and desktop platform that tracks an organization’s members’ sustainable choices and rewards them with points.

We’re looking forward to expanding on My MilkCrate (our sustainable directory), guiding entire organizations toward making a sustainable impact,” the company’s co-founder and CEO, Morgan Berman, said.

Among its Philadelphia-based pilot customers are Philadelphia University. MilkCrate will onboard the school’s student base at the end of this month.

“Philadelphia University has adopted MilkCrate for Communities to empower and support our students to make more sustainable choices in their lives,” Tim Butler, Philadelphia University’s associate dean of students said. “In addition, MilkCrate will help make student’s choices more deliberate and meaningful.”

The platform will include opportunities for users to earn points and eventually rewards for checking into My MilkCrate businesses, registering for volunteer opportunities, making green lifestyle changes, as well as for signing up for sustainable services, such as a CSA.

Two years after the app’s launch in 2014, organizations can purchase the enterprise platform for its member base, who will gain access to an exclusive, premium version of the existing app.

Their client’s administrators will benefit from access to analytics around their member’s sustainable behaviors, providing them verified data to incorporate into yearly impact reports and brand messaging.

“Our new platform fosters community engagement, empowering users to make impactful, sustainable changes in and out of their workplace or classrooms,” Berman continued. “We’re excited to see the impact their individual choices will make.”

MilkCrate is a mission-driven company that builds technologies to support environmentally and socially sustainable communities everywhere. For more information, visit For all things sustainable follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.            


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