Personal Injury Claims – Profits & Greed

4 to 5% of personal injury cases in the US never go to trial and 95 to 96% of cases are settled pretrial.

It is the same old story around the bar with friends and under your breath you gossip to your buddies; “John slipped at work and now is suing his company for an apparent back problem. How can he even stoop this low to put money over his pride and his work?”

This type of gossip is how many people portray the plaintiff and lawyer in a personal injury case. In reality, it is a fine line of taking care of yourself and getting the right professional behind you or suffering an injury the rest of your life. With anything there will always be people taking advantage of any situation. However, in my opinion, if you indeed get hurt do not sit back and think your company or another person will have your best interests.

Simply put, from a 1999 study from the Insurance Research Council (IRC), it states that the decision to hire an attorney will allow for significant compensation when pursuing a claim for an car accident. According to the consumer panel survey of Auto Accident victims, settlements were 40% higher when hiring an attorney than when not hiring one. Just with this study alone, it suggests that hiring a personal injury lawyer may not be such a bad idea at all.  

Personal Injury Law and Greed?

There is a common misconception that injury lawyers are sharks and award many people with frivolous claims with pretty good sums of money. Well, it is true that on both sides of the coin there are senseless claims being done from the lawyer and plaintiff. This is people being human and greed is one of our not so great traits. Where there is money you will find bottom feeders. However, when fending for yourself if you are injured then you should get a professional which is the case in any industry.

Some Misleading Thoughts

  • Lawyers make a lot of money and hiring one is too expensive- Well, it is somewhat true that lawyers make some decent money and some ask for around 300$ / hour. However, most lawyers work hard and work for you to win your case. They do this because if they do not win the case then some will walk away with nothing.  
  • People who sue are looking for money- Well, it is true that people who sue can make money but are they bad people? I think you can look at how today’s corporations take and take and see for yourself how they take advantage of the law, tax system, and wages. A lot of times the Injury Lawyer will be the only one who will help you against these wealthy giants.
  • Filing an injury case will be fast money- This could not be farther from the truth and if you indeed have the opportunity to participate in an injury lawsuit then you will see how frustrating it might be. This is simply why Personal Injury Lawyers make such good money. It is not a fun process and if you do not have all your ducks in a row then you will be walking away with nothing.

Statistics on Earnings

According to the US government and a law resource website, 4 to 5 percent of personal injury cases in the US never go to trial and 95 to 96% of cases are settled pretrial. Settling a case means that you will accept money for dropping your action against the person or entity that injured you. One of the main reasons for the amount of trials being settled is because of the time it may take for other aspects of the trial to involve research and many other details. This is when the lawyer will begin to calculate whether time is worth the money to wait and there are many factors involved in this process.  

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