Pet Conscious To The Rescue


Millions of animals around the world suffer from neglect, hunger, abuse and life-threatening illnesses every day. In response, millions of people react to their suffering, dedicating their lives to help animals in distress or volunteering their time when they can on the local level. On a local, regional or national level, millions also make generous donations to charities dedicated to helping animals in need.

There are charities that take on the cause of animal rights and for-profit companies that do the same. Some of these companies may have little to do with animal protection in their day to day business activities; they simply have decided to take on animal protection awareness as a cause and hold fund raising events or donate generously to animal protection groups of their own choosing.

Animal rights groups would certainly like to encourage this type of humane spirit. As many people believe, taking care of those least able to defend themselves raises the level of our humanity and our civilization. What would it say about us if we chose to protect the rich and powerful? What does it say about us if we chose to protect the poor and the weak?

Then there are companies, like Canna-Pet, that think about animal care and protection every day.

Yes, this is Canna-Pet, the company that managed to stir up controversy by creating a hemp-based product for dogs that consumers raved about for its medicinal qualities. People use the product to help dogs with painful conditions, such as arthritis and cancers, reduce the need for anti-seizure medicine, increase their appetite and bring a little “spark” back in their lives. Consumers also raved about the product for helping dogs with acute anxiety issues.

When the Food and Drug Administration challenged Canna-Pet on their marketing practices, the company quickly complied. Apparently, the company would prefer to help animals than get involved in a chest-thumping match up with federal authorities. Quickly, the controversy settled down and the company went back to producing a sustainable product that has the endorsement of hundreds of U.S. veterinarians.


So, it makes sense that Canna-Pet’s resources on dog seizures and other canine conditions would be expanded to a general campaign to help pets of all kinds, which the company did by launching Pet Conscious, an in-house program designed to raise awareness and funds for animal charity groups around the country.

How can a pet nutrition and wellness company fairly choose where to donate a portion of their profits without simply appearing to help their bottom line in some kind of kickback scheme? This is solved by the simple method of Pet Conscious allowing members nominate rescue agencies that deserve both publicity and dollars, as the case may be.

The company held a Sweepstakes in January where Canna-Pet customers nominated rescues to receive donations that could be critical to helping them sustain their missions.

How does Pet Conscious help? As any marketing specialist could tell you – as pedestrian as that may sound – raising awareness is the foundation to every other aspect of animal protection, care and rescue. If the public is not aware of the cause of animal rights and protection, donations dry up. Volunteering declines. Politicians lose interest. The entire animal protection movement grinds to a halt.

So, while it seems a very pedestrian gesture, Pet Conscious’ efforts to raise awareness has a ripple effect that goes much further than the monetary donations they hand out. Those donations certainly help. But each donation generates publicity. And suddenly, the small acts of kindness have giant potential to change the world for those furry, kind, four-legged pets that people love so much.

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