Reason #3 to Attend SXSW Eco: Join Our Incredible Community

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Dinesh Shankar

Become a part of something big. Our community has grown substantially since we began SXSW Eco in 2011 and includes media partners, supporters, current and past speakers and the many incredible attendees of our event. Uniting all of these various groups and passionate individuals that are working so hard to change their piece of the planet is the mission behind SXSW Eco and a defining feature of our three-day conference. You might be attending to gain knowledge or to get reinvigorated, but you’ll walk away knowing that you’re part of a planetary movement fighting for change. This includes not only activists and people at the frontlines, but also those implementing change through design, energy, business, entrepreneurship, government, technology and the many topics that SXSW Eco covers. Adding your voice and expertise to the conversation means making connections with the many incredible groups that are already a part of SXSW Eco 2013. Register now and sign up for Eco Social to meet the community you’ll celebrate with come October.

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