The Secret Environment Issues Caused By ‘Green’ Electric Cars

Electric vehicles are a marvelous invention, but we should examine the things manufacturers are obviously afraid to tell you.

It’s fair to say everyone loves Elon Musk. They hang on every word he says, so they believe Tesla and similar companies are going to save the planet. There is one little problem getting in the way. Electric car companies aren’t being completely honest with you whatsoever.

They want you to believe electric cars are the greatest invention since the iPhone. Unfortunately they’re not as kind on the environment as people think. They are still a marvelous invention, but we should examine the things manufacturers are obviously afraid to tell you.

The Problems With Creating Electricity

This can be broken down into two specific categories, but we’ll look at how drivers will acquire their electricity first. It’s common knowledge millions of charging stations will need to be built. You can’t build anything with fresh air, so building these stations will cause havoc on the environment.

Then if you dig even deeper you have to create the electricity itself. Has anyone told you fossil fuels are used in the process? This is the same fuel source electric cars are saying you need to avoid. Even the mighty eco-friendly state of California uses fossil fuels to create 60 percent of its electricity.

Building Gasoline Cars Is More Eco-Friendly

Have you ever thought about how electric cars can reach great speeds despite running on an electric battery? They’ll obviously need to be light, so they’ll use much rarer kinds of metals. If you study an electric car you’ll see they are sprinkled about the car in various places.

All of these rare metals don’t just appear out of thin air. They need to be dug out of the ground and extracting them will get worse as demand for the cars increases. Getting these metals out of the ground will cause environmental issues, so it’s greener to build a traditional gasoline car.

Certain Cities Will Suffer Great Problems

Nobody is denying it will be cheaper to run a car with a battery because electricity is cheap. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter how cheap electricity is when there is none available. There are tons of cities all over the world where the power cuts out every day and it’s not going to change.

Luckily they have people with glass bottles full of gasoline so they can fill up their engines. It will even last a long time if they use it efficiently. Once car owners have to rely on charging stations to get from A to B you can guarantee it will drive many populous cities to a standstill.

Everybody Is Forgetting Batteries Are Toxic

It’s clear to see individuals don’t give a lot of love and attention to old car parts. The one exception is when they’re going to sell them, but you can’t sell a used battery. Would you be willing to bet they’ll be tossed around and left to rot once they’ve served their purpose?

This is terrible because batteries are extremely toxic. Acid and mercury will find their way into the ground polluting the environment. It’s much worse when you consider car batteries won’t last very long, whereas a good combustion engine will be able to last for decades if maintained properly.

Eventually Moving Away From Burning Coal

Let’s assume for a second the entire world stops burning coal to create electricity. Instead, they turn towards natural gas because it’s a lot cleaner. You still have to take into consideration the fact methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas that will cause environmental problems.

Will you ever be able to stop it from escaping into the atmosphere? It’s going to leak from the numerous wells where it’s produced. The pipes it’s transported in will likely let some get out. Power plants will have to burn it too, so it’s only an improvement on what we’ve already got.

It Still Won’t Change The Inevitable

Even though electric car manufacturers don’t tell you all these problems nothing will change. Their cars will still spread across the world in the coming years. To be fair, they are a lot cleaner than cars with combustion engines.

It’s just a shame they don’t think anyone can handle the truth. Nothing we’ve spoken about today will scare people away from electric cars in the future, especially when the prices start to come down.


Image: Pixabay

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