Secrets to Successful Motivation of the Top Performers

Here are some proven ways to keep all your employees motivated.

Usually, extraordinary workers are wanted by many companies. Therefore, you might need to apply a number of motivational techniques to keep your best talent and top performers in your company. Then they will continue to do their best to ensure corporate sustainability and achievement of short and long term objectives. Here are some proven ways to keep all your employees motivated.

Find Out The Inner Passion of Each Worker

Discover what each individual worker’s career aspirations are and be sure to help them accomplish them. Take some time to discuss with each employee and make some enquiries about their personal lives. Discover the kind of jobs they want and the ones they prefer to avoid. Then make efforts to get to know their working style. For example, if they are prone to procrastinating in certain situations, it does not have to be a bad thing. If you aim to understand workers’ abilities, also try to connect task or project to their strongest passion and innate ability. Soon, they will see you as a career coach and they will increase their commitment to the company.

Encourage Growth Through Continuous Education

Both normal and extraordinary workers will desire to reach the zenith of their career. So take advantage of this inner desire and motivate your staff by offering them opportunities to take courses and get certified by relevant professional bodies. Let them realise that you really want them to experience continuous career growth. Apart from formal learning, offer your workers challenging projects that will help them to acquire experience in leadership, project management and team building. Provide opportunities that will help them to acquire new career principles and put those principles into practice in a typical work situation.

Let Your Employees Know that You Rely on Them

Constantly remind your workers that you believe in their ability to achieve results that are far beyond your expectations. Tell them you believe in them and remind them that they have what it takes to produce exceptional results. This will make your staff strive for excellence in every job they do for your company.

Let Your Staff Participate in Setting Goals

Let your workers sit at a table to brainstorm and set goals with the executives of the company. You can get each team to set goals and forward them to the company executives. Then work on these goals and use them to create periodic performance targets for your workers. If your workers are active in the goal setting process, it is more likely that they will ensure that the goals are achieved.

Give Employees More Responsibilities

Your top talent will like to show off their work and outstanding results to others. So offer them a chance to anchor discussions at group meetings. Instead of leading every meeting you attend, allow your top talent to hone their leadership skills by coordinating the meeting. This will enable them to see themselves as genuine partners in your business. They will also be prepared to ensure that the suggestions they put forward are pursued until they become a reality.

Set Achievable Weekly Goals

Divide up your annual and monthly corporate goals into simpler weekly goals for each team in your company. Put the goals in front of your talented workers and ask them to produce plans to accomplish the goals. For example, if you have to meet up with an annual turnover of $150 million, you should break it down to about $3 million per week. Similarly, a goal of acquiring 1000 new customers per year can be re stated as 20 new customers per week.

Track Result and Reward Excellence

Create a system that will provide detailed feedback on both individual and team performance. The system you use should be transparent and impartial. Let every worker earn points for both individual and group effort. A dashboard should display everyone’s performance every day or week. Once in a month, collate results achieved by everyone and then offer a reward to all those with outstanding performance. You can give rewards in form of cash, special awards, promotion, and special recognition.


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