Join us for the webinar: Innovating for Shared Value Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 11:00 am EST

Shared Value Initiative
Enable social innovation at your organization. Join this webinar to learn how to create value for your company through social innovation.
The authors of “Innovating for Shared Value” (Harvard Business Review; 2013), studied more than 30 companies and discovered that firms consistently rely on the same five mutually reinforcing ingredients:
1) Purpose 2) Defined need 3) Measurement 4) Co-creation 5) Innovation structure
Our panelists will discuss how visionary companies apply these ingredients to overcome hurdles to solve social problems. REGISTER

Featured Panelists:

Mark Thain

Mark Thain, VP, Social Innovation, Barclays
Riikka Timonen

Riikka Timonen, Director, Corporate Responsibility,Kemira
Marc Pfitzer

Marc Pfitzer, Managing Director, FSG
Valerie Bockstette

Valerie Bockstette, Managing Director, FSG

What you’ll learn:

  • How the five ingredients work together to create the optimal innovation structure (Marc Pfitzer and Valerie Bockstette)
  • How to create an enabling environment for shared value, what support should be put in place beyond money, and how to leverage foundation or CSR-money to successfully embed innovation back into the mainstream business (Mark Thain) 
  • The criteria needed to launch Kemira’s innovative water-treatment initiative: a clear social purpose, deep understanding of the targeted social problems, mastery of the competencies to solve them, and a strong business case that meets or comes close to achieving the firm’s normal ROI targets (Riikka Timonen)
Hosted by the Shared Value Initiative and FSG. Please share the invite and join us on January 15.
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About the Shared Value Initiative
The Shared Value Initiative is a global community of practice to drive adoption and implementation of shared value strategies among leading companies, civil society, and government organizations. Operated by FSG with support from a network of funders, the Shared Value Initiative works with partners to curate, develops tools to guide shared value implementation, convenes practitioners to promote best practices, and expands the network ofconsulting affiliates that aim to provide customized shared value strategy and support. Join the community
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FSG is a nonprofit consulting firm specializing in research, strategy, and evaluation, founded in 2000 as Foundation Strategy Group. Today, FSG works across all sectors in every region of the globe – partnering with foundations, corporations, nonprofits, and governments – to develop more effective solutions to the world’s most challenging issues. FSG helps organizations, individually and collectively, achieve social impact by discovering better ways to solve social problems. For more information on FSG, visit us online at

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