How Storage Monitoring Software Helps Systems Administrators

Governments and businesses have expanded rapidly. Both kinds of organizations need to have significant memory and storage capacity. As data and applications move into the Cloud and these entities utilize remote access to their systems, storage performance management becomes more critical to daily operations. In response to this need, a number of software companies have developed storage management software to oversee these digital infrastructures.

Storage Manager Capabilities

• The key capability for these programs is their ability to monitor the performance of storage units and to identify problems accurately. The latest innovations in storage performance monitoring software include features that can spot and isolate hot spots in a multi-vendor SAN fabric. In real time, administrators can receive policy-based alerts that the software creates while maintaining usage thresholds.

• Even with the allegedly endless room in cyberspace, it is still necessary to plan storage maps in order to save on usage costs. With automated storage capacity planning software, you can view growth rates and accurately predict your future needs. This permits you to avoid emergency storage requests at the last minute while simultaneously avoiding the burden of paying for more than you need.

• Quality storage monitoring software can map applications in your physical storage units and assist you in fully utilizing a virtual infrastructure as well. This capability gives you a full view of your operations and your memory capacity.

The way that this kind of software simplifies the use of storage and planning leaves administrators with time to devote their attention to other tasks that should take priority. These programs fulfill the purpose of technological advances by returning time to system users and managers. Time wasted on minor issues and annoying break downs create work stoppages. The time saved with storage monitoring software allows administrators to focus on moving a business forward.

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