Surprising Tech Tools For Corporate Events

A corporate event can have a huge impact on your clients and prospects. Your event can help build relationships with clients and increase sales- or launch a new product offering. New technology can now make your event even more meaningful.

A corporate event can have a huge impact on your clients and prospects. Your event can help build relationships with clients and increase sales- or launch a new product offering. New technology can now make your event even more meaningful.

Polls and surveys before your event

An event app can help you plan an event that will be interesting for your audience. These apps allow you to take surveys and poll your audience about an event. If you’ve used an event app in the past, you can use the results to plan your next event.

Your attendees can rank the events they attended, based on their preferences. They can assess the performance of speakers, and also make suggestions. All of this information can make your next event more appealing.

Planning for you event

A successful event requires proper planning. To get a high level of attendance, you need to invite attendees well in advance. recommends that you put together your invite list four months before your event.

Segregate your list between high priority and other attendees. The high priority list might include your larger customers, or important prospects that you’re trying to convert into customers. Send out invites three months before your event. If you don’t get the response you expect, consider expanding your invite list.

The invitation and any supporting materials should give your attendees a reason to attend. For example, your customers might attend to learn about a new product launch. A prospective client may want to meet people in your organization, so they can make a decision about buying from you. Many people are drawn to an event because of interesting speakers- particularly a keynote speaker.

Technology can make your invites more effective. If you email attendees, you can include an embedded video or website link that explains more about your event. Your firm can use social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to remind potential attendees about the event. These tools can make your event more attractive to your audience.

Importance of a live event

Given the cost and time investment, why put on a live event? Mindtools makes the point that a live event can be powerful and effective. Your live event can improve customer relationships by allowing clients to meet your staff face-to-face. A personal relationship can build customer loyalty. The live event can also create buzz about your product or service.

Improving your event by using technology

Once you decide on a live event and do some initial planning, think about how your attendees will experience the event. An attendee will decide on the specific speakers and workshops they want to attend. Your app can provide speaker bios, which can increase interest in a speaker. Attendees can use an app to create a personalized agenda. There’s no need to refer to hardcopy event schedules.

DoubleDutch explains that mobile apps now allow the event host and participants to track real time analytics from business conferences. Mobile apps also make it easier to notify attendees about any changes to the schedule. Using the app will keep everyone informed and engaged.


There may be specific people that an attendee want to meet. If an attendee gets someone’s contact information, the app can allow them to send that data to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Your conference may sell presentation booths to vendors. Your vendors attend the event to generate leads. An event app can make collecting lead information easy. A vendor can simply scan a barcode on the attendee’s name badge. The app will upload the attendee’s contact information and send it to the vendor’s contact management system.


Event apps make it easy to sell attractive sponsorships to vendors. A vendor can purchase promoted messages that appear on the event app. You can also sell push notifications about the vendor’s products and services. Since all of the attendees will use the app, the vendor can be confident that many attendees will see their company name.

Getting feedback

Event apps can help you gather critical attendee feedback. Timely and specific feedback will help you improve your events moving forward. You can use an event app to survey attendees about workshops, speakers and how well they networked at the event.

Word may spread

Everyone wants to attend events that are interesting and useful. If your event app helps you put on a great conference, your attendees will probably tell other people about their experience. When you send invites for your next event, you may find more attendees.

If a great event creates some buzz in your industry, you may also convert more prospects into customers. Even if the company is not yet a client, they may be more likely to attend your next event.

Take a look at using an event app for your next conference or meeting. The app can keep your attendees engaged and help you gather data to improve the event experience.