The Use of Sustainable Materials in Promotional Products

When marketing your company and creating a brand image, the use of promotional products can be a great help. With businesses keen to promote a sustainable brand image, materials including bamboo are now being used to create various products including lanyards.

In these tough economic times, many companies are even keener than ever to make sure they are not being seen as wasteful. Whilst giving out promotional items is a great way of getting the name of the company out there and remembered, it is important to make sure that these promotional items are useful and will not end up in the bin when the recipient returns home or back to their office.

As well as reducing outgoings, many companies are also eager to be seen as being environmentally friendly by using sustainable or recycled materials and reducing their carbon footprint wherever possible. Giving out promotional products made from sustainable resources can boost the brand image in two ways; firstly by brand recognition, getting the name and logo known, and secondly by demonstrating that the business has an eco-friendly mentality. Even if the promotional product is something that is only used for a few weeks or months, it is enough to get the company’s name known, and if it is made from sustainable materials, there is no way the company handing them out can be accused of being wasteful of the world’s resources.

Types of Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

Eco-friendly promotional products typically fall into one of two categories. Those made from recycled materials, and those made from materials which are sustainably produced. Whilst many people are familiar with the concept of recycling, using items such as recycled card and paper on a daily basis, the use of sustainably produced materials is a more recent phenomenon.

The idea of sustainable materials is that all resources used are replaced. For example, if a tree is cut down to make furniture, a new one is planted in its place. Not all materials are able to be produced in a sustainable way, as many resources take a number of years to replenish. Bamboo is a popular sustainable resource as it is capable of growing back extremely quickly.

Sustainably Produced Promotional Products

As the promotion of businesses as being environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly important, the number of sustainably produced promotional products available is increasing rapidly. There is a great choice, ranging from cheaper items such as lanyards and pencils through to more high-end items such as chairs and USB memory sticks made largely out of bamboo.

Why Choose Sustainably Produced Lanyards?

With many companies eager to be seen to be careful with their money, eco-friendly lanyards are a great example of a sustainably produced promotional product. If bought in high enough quantities they can be very cheap, and are not only environmentally friendly but also useful enough that a good proportion of people who are given them will not only keep them, but will use them on a daily basis.

Lanyards made out of sustainably-sourced bamboo can be made to match the corporate colour scheme, with both the lanyard and the writing on it customisable. This allows them to fit in exactly with the business being promoted and really help to establish a strong brand identity, by both promoting the company’s name and their eco-friendly image.

Chloe Impney has worked in the promotional products industry for a number of years. During this time she has seen the development of promotional lanyards with the use of eco-friendly materials. She currently works for Promo Lanyards.

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