Sustainable Travel to the USA

While it is also home to many large cities, the US shines in its natural splendour. Travelling to the US sustainably is now more than possible.

With the ESTA program becoming more popular than ever, many people are choosing to visit the United States for its wide potential. The US is home to everything from towering mountains and ski resorts to dry, desolate sections of the desert. While it is also home to many large cities, the US shines in its natural splendour. Travelling to the US sustainably is now more than possible. These five sustainable travel destinations can help you enjoy our holiday in the United States while remaining responsible and respectful to the environment and destination.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach was the first area in the Virginia to create fully identified green travel options. There is a very good reason for this; Virgina Beach is home to plenty of coastline, and several very delicate flora, fauna, and animal species. When you visit, take advantage of the boardwalk. It helps to protect local plant life from human footsteps. You can also purchase fresh food right from the local farmer’s market, instead of hitting up a restaurant. This helps to prevent food waste and also boosts the local economy of small-time farmers.

Stevens Pass Ski Area

Considered to be the top sustainable ski resort in the United States. Stevens Pass Ski Area in Washington consistently wins awards for its sustainability each year. That’s because it generates its own electricity and because it engages in a number of other sustainable tourism measures. They are highly committed to working with, not against, the local environment and ecology. As much of what is used there is recycled or reused to prevent impact, and they continue to innovate new ways to create sustainability while remaining safe and beautiful.

Half Moon Bay, California

It’s not surprising that a sustainable destination exists on the coast of California; the state is home to many environmentally conscious individuals. Half Moon Bay provides a number of local tours that can help you to experience the coast in a way that reduces waste and impact. Many tours pair you up with local citizens who can take you fishing, diving, or even gardening along the coast. All of this is thanks to the city’s own ecotourism programme that was created over the last decade. Signs in the area help to direct you to sustainable or eco-friendly areas.

The Florida Keys

Florida is a hotbed of tourist action, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have plenty for the avid eco-tourist to do. Sustainable tours can be found throughout Munroe County, in the heart of the keys themselves. Through these sustainable tours, you can visit the National Key Deer Refuge, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and Marathon’s Dolphin Research Centre. Shuttles are available during peak seasons to encourage visitors to carpool and reduce emissions. Efficient, sustainable inter-island travel is also available.


When many people think of Oregon, they think of a densely forested location that was once home to many pioneers. Today, the state is also rich in eco-tourism and sustainable travel options. Of particular note is the beautiful WildSpring Guest Habitat in Port Orford. This highly sustainable resort was created with the environment in mind;  nearly everything you’ll find on or in the resort is sustainable. It’s even been certified as a protected area by The National Wildlife Federation.

If you are considering travelling to the United States in a way that is sustainable or eco-friendly, it’s important to fully understand the ESTA programme put in place by the United States. Visit the website to make an esta application.

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