Turning Your Event Green – Sustainable Event Management Strategies

There are many ways to make your event, conference or meeting stand out from the crowd.


There are many ways to make your event, conference or meeting stand out from the crowd. Whether it is using innovative techniques to promote the event or basing your event around a particularly eye-catching topic, it is important to think of a ‘hook’ to encourage people to visit your event over the myriad of others available to them.

One great way of doing this is marketing your event as ‘green’; an eco-friendly event that is as far as possible ‘sustainable’ and makes every attempt to be ‘carbon neutral’ – all buzzwords that will help attract a crowd.

Encourage public transport

Although not a tactic that will work so well in rural setting, for those of you looking to put on an event in a large city with good public transport links incentivising your potential attendees to travel to your event via the bus, the train, by bike or on foot will instantly give the event a far smaller carbon footprint.

Perhaps offer a small discount or a gift to those who have travelled in an eco-friendly way, to further encourage those who might usually drive to hop on a bus or tube – helping to reduce the harmful carbon emissions created as a direct consequence of your event.

Catering to the environment

Deciding what and how your attendees are going to be fed at your event can also have ecological implications. If you are hiring an outside caterer for your event then there are a few considerations to be made.

Firstly, try and ensure that your caterer is as locally based as possible and with this uses, wherever possible, produce from local companies – this will help to cut down on associated carbon emissions and the ‘food miles’ that your catering travels to your event. Companies such as Eco-Cuisine specialise in the use of organic, sustainable British produce and cater for events of all sizes.

Secondly, think about how the food your offering will be served. Ensure you are using recyclable materials wherever possible and that there are plenty of well-marked recycling bins for your attendees to dispose of these materials in a proper manner.

Save the trees and increase engagement

One of the biggest offenders in terms of environmental impact when it comes to putting on a conference, meeting or event is the ever-present paper hand-out.

Whilst these are necessary to ensure that your event’s message (and just as importantly, your company) stays in your attendees minds long after the event is finished – there are a range of more environmentally friendly solutions that will save the trees but also keep your attendees more engaged with the subject matter.

By using downloadable content, mobile based conference applications and projected displays at your event, you can ensure that the majority of the once paper-printed hand-outs can be digitised. Check out brands such as Noodle Live, who provide RFID cards and readers so that attendees can collect information and contact details using cloud storage and a downloadable mobile app.

This will not only decrease the carbon-footprint of your event, but in an increasingly digital age you will find that the attendees of your event will be more likely to re-visit online resources than look back at a stack of dog eared paper hand-outs.

This article was provided by Meetings Four You, who provide conference venues in Bristol, oxford and across the UK.

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