How Used Vehicle Tires Can Damage The Environment

Used tires can be recycled to create other products such as artificial turf, road surfaces and brake pads.

If you own a car it’s obviously important that you replace worn tyres so that the vehicle remains safe to drive. You should never drive on seriously worn tyres as you are putting your own life as risk, as well as the lives of anyone else in the car and other road users. So, you have just done the right thing and invested in new Michelin tyres for your car. What should you do with the old ones?

You may not realise it, but used tyres can have a seriously detrimental effect on the environment. Of the 40 million used tyres that are disposed of in Australia each year, only around 16% are recycled. Although work is underway to increase this figure. But, why is recycling used tyres so important? Let’s take a look.

What happens to tyres that are not recycled?

When tyres reach the end of their life they should be recycled but most often this does not happen. These are the main ways that used car tyres are treated.

  • Placed in landfill – The problem with this is that landfill sites take up vital space. This space could be used in far more constructive ways.
  • Illegally dumped – The illegal dumping of used car tyres is dangerous; not least because the rubber gives off toxic fumes if it goes on fire. These fumes are harmful to humans.
  • Stockpiled – We have already stated that tyres can be dangerous so it’s not a good idea to stockpile. If children got access to a stockpile of tyres they could become trapped under them and suffocate.

These are very good reasons why it makes sense to recycle used tyres.

Why recycling is such a good idea

Hopefully, you can see that recycling tyres is good for the environment. This is not the only reason why it makes sense. Tyres can be used to create other products such as artificial turf, road surfaces and brake pads. If the country does not use this huge potential resource it’s guilty of waste and it’s missing out on potential financial rewards.

The thing is that tyres are always going to need to be disposed of. Currently, people are doing this in a wasteful and dangerous manner. There is now more emphasis on the need to recycle and hopefully this will continue to lead to an improvement in disposal processes.

The big thing you can do right now is to make sure that the old tyres from your vehicle are recycled. It’s easy to get carried away by the fact that you have a brand new set of tyres which not only look good but also perform really well. It’s good to have the enjoyment but do not let it stop you from being responsible when it comes to the disposal of the old tyres. Make sure that they are recycled and you can help ease just a little of the pressure on the environment.

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  1. No one will argue that tyres should not be recycled. Why not explain what they are recycled to instead of just being delighted that they disappear?
    They can become part of roads, playgrounds, Carbon black for more tyres and energy for electricity for example.
    Why not explain how to ensure they are recycled? what countries are successful and why?
    Make this fluffy piece more informative and persuasive

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