Using Environmentally Responsible Products in a Service Based Business

If you’re in a service industry — whether that means you work as an electrician, accountant, or even in tile cleaning – you’ve probably noticed there’s a lot of waste produced in your line of work. If you do things like everyone else, you probably use much more paper, water, and other supplies than you need to. Depending on your service, you might also use harsh chemicals that aren’t exactly eco-friendly.

There is a different way, though, and that’s to use environmentally responsible products. Here are some reasons why you should switch to eco-friendly and how to make a plan to change.

The Benefits of Using Environmentally Responsible Products

Obviously, using environmentally responsible products as you perform your service is good for the earth. You’ll decrease the amount of paper and plastic waste you contribute to landfills, and by not using dangerous chemicals, you’ll prevent poisons from soaking into the earth.
But what are the benefits to you and your business? Other than feeling good, is there any other incentive for making the switch?

It turns out there are plenty of reasons why being environmentally responsible makes sense.

  • You’ll attract new customers. The customers who seek out eco-friendly businesses are going to be drawn to your service.
  • You may qualify for tax breaks. Depending on where you live and the kinds of environmentally responsible products you use, you may qualify for a tax credit just for being green.
  • You’ll save money. Many green products are less expensive than their non-sustainable counterparts. Plus, it generally costs less to dispose of eco-friendly products than those that aren’t.
  • You’ll prepare for the future. More and more laws are passed each year which encourage sustainable business practices. By being ahead of the curve, your company won’t have to suddenly find new solutions for the products you rely on to stay in business.
  • You’ll find other benefits as well, such as customers who trust you more and being invited to join green business groups.

Making the Transition to Green
If you want to make the transition to using environmentally responsible products instead of the ones you currently use, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Make a list of all of the different products you use in your service. This includes chemicals, disposable paper products, rags, and more. Write down the prices of each of these items.
  2. Next, it’s time to do some research. For every non-sustainable product you use, research a potential alternative. Write the alternative down next to each product you currently use, including the price.
  3. Find easy wins. Could you switch to a paperless receipt and customer tracking system? How feasible is it to cut down on how much driving you have to do as you serve your customers? These easy wins help build your momentum and make it easier to continue the transition to environmentally responsible products.
  4. Determine where to begin. While the ideal would be to start using eco-friendly products for all of your products, this can be expensive. Choose which products would make the biggest positive environmental impact by changing, and start with that. (You might also see green products that would save you money by switching – change to these right away, too.)
  5. As time passes, switch to more and more eco-friendly products until everything you use in your service is as sustainable as possible. See how fast you can switch over.

It’s less expensive than you may think to start changing the products your business uses to environmentally friendly alternatives. Begin making the transition today and see how your business can benefit by being more eco conscious.

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