Visitor from New Zealand seeking love…

Well not quite love, but maybe a little help... We are trying to understand a little about the US Food Industry and would welcome opportunities to talk to you about how it works. What's in it for you? Well, my enormous gratitude, and a friend in New Zealand if you ever need any help setting up or visiting there!

Well, not quite love…  I am a visitor from New Zealand and I am seeking some help.  We are a specialist distributor of disposable consumables.  We supply predominately the food industry  in New Zealand which is our country’s largest export earner.

We are also New Zealand’s first B Corp and very proud!

We believe that as simple a product as a disposable glove, apron or hat is, it is still critical to your business.  Not only that it must be structurally sound – i.e. not break, but also that it must be of high integrity – in terms of origin, staff that made it and the environmental impact of how it is made and transported.

We don’t have all the answers, in fact there are way more questions than answers!  But we are trying to produce and sell a product that has had as much thought, attention and critique as the other ingredients that go into your product.

I would love to know your thoughts on the use of these products.  How they effect your sustainability aspirations and what you or your supplier is doing to reduce their use…

I am attending the Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego in early June.  I am staying an extra week to talk about the US Food Manufacturing business with anyone that will give me a few minutes!  If you, or anyone you know has some time to spare and you are within a few hours of San Diego (by car or plane) I will make every effort to meet you!

Please contact me at, or 1-800-384-3905

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