From Farm to Fork

Corporate responsibility in the food and agriculture business

In this series sponsored by General Mills, we’ll explore the many opportunities for food companies to invest in sustainability. From investing in farmer well-being, supporting soil health and organics, through operational efficiency and renewables investments in the factory, through nutrition and customer engagement, food companies touch our world. General Mills demonstrates a comprehensive sustainability program that touches on every part of its supply chain from farm to fork.

Nutrition Labels Get a Makeover: Will It Make a Difference?

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How General Mills Sustainably Sources Food Ingredients from Around the World

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Why Soil Health Matters for Food and Beverage Businesses

General Mills' chief sustainability officer gives insight into how the company is reaping the benefits of its $3.25 million investment into healthy soil.

Healthy Soil 101: Why Soil Health Matters and How the Food Sector Can Help

Soil health research doesn’t just benefit farmers. It safeguards the entire food sector—and the world's largest food and beverage companies have a key…

Sustainable Agriculture Means Sustaining More Young Farmers

According to some U.S. food industry observers, interest in small farms and sustainable agriculture is on the rise among young people. That's all…

General Mills Works to Decouple Emissions from Business Growth

Global food company General Mills cut greenhouse gas emissions by 11 percent across its entire value chain from 2010 to 2017 while net…

Agriculture: The Missing Piece of the Climate Puzzle

In this first article in the Farm to Fork series, Mary Mazzoni explores how farming practices can be a solution for climate change.