TriplePundit has always been a place for conversation about sustainability in business. In addition to news, we host interesting, informed op/ed pieces on sustainability in business. So, opinion pieces from all members of the community – including corporate leaders – fit right in. All of this content is interesting, and, we’ve found, valuable to our readers.

As a starting point, we invite companies to contribute non promotional posts to us on a case by case basis. These are not sponsored posts. They are normal guest posts are subject to the same editorial guidelines as the rest of our content.

However, some companies want to go deeper and see engaging with the TriplePundit community as a valuable marketing opportunity. As business owners ourselves, we recognize the demand for promotional opportunities. We see sponsored content from trusted partners as one key way to support and grow the site.

How We Define Sponsored Content
If a company wishes to post more frequently, or they want additional exposure, then we pursue a sponsored arrangement.

There are several ways for companies to sponsor content on TriplePundit:

1) The 3p Podium – The Podium is a paid posting platform on which any content may be posted including press releases, promotional material and videos. We only accept content that is relevant to the TriplePundit community. Content is posted on the Podium, away from the main editorial feed.  Learn more here.

2) Engagement Series – 3p seeks corporate sponsors to underwrite our editorial coverage of themed topics. These are multi-article series on a topic of mutual interest to the sponsor and the TriplePundit audience. We collaborate with the sponsor on article themes, but writers maintain journalistic independence during the writing process. All the content passes through our normal editorial review process. Opinions will always remain those of the writers. Learn more here.

Non-profit engagement series – In order to reduce costs for NGOs and spread news about key issues, we offer a non-profit special package, wherein the organization provides the content for the series. These engagements are limited to non-profits, as their interest is primarily to educate, not to promote their organizations. All content passes through our editorial review process and opinions remain those of the writers. Learn more here.

3) Op/Eds – as part of an engagement series or other advertising package, we sometimes invite sponsors to submit one or more op/eds which receive grammar and clarity – but not content – edits from 3p.

How We Label Sponsored Content
Sponsored content will always be labeled via a banner on the articles themselves and, if applicable, on the series landing page. Sponsored content will be identified using one of the following phrases: “sponsored content,” “presented by” or “with support provided by.”

Current sponsored series can be viewed in the “Special Series” drop down in the header of the website.

We believe that transparency is a core tenet of corporate sustainability – for the companies we cover, but also for our own company.

The proliferation of sponsored content on the web is happening rapidly – and many media outlets like ours are struggling to find the right way to use sponsored content to serve corporate sponsors and readers alike. Done right, with high quality writing, sponsored content is making TriplePundit stronger. Nevertheless, “done right” effectively means “know-it-when-you-see-it”- a concept that makes clear policy guideposts difficult. As this new medium grows on the web and on TriplePundit, we are committed to evolving the details of our policy to best serve all the members of our community.

Reader Feedback
We welcome reader feedback about our sponsored content policy. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas about this policy, please send them to editor in chief Jen Boynton at