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The Power of Partnerships: Working Together to Make an Impact Through Agriculture

By 2050, the global community must find a way to produce more food than they have in the past 8,000 years to accommodate population growth—all while minimizing the agricultural sector’s use of natural resources and contribution to climate change. Globally, agriculture accounts for 13 percent to 24 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, depending on the estimate. The sector also uses around 37 percent of the world’s land and accounts for around 70 percent of all freshwater withdrawals

Minimizing these impacts while feeding a growing world is not a challenge that any one stakeholder—or even one sector—can accomplish alone. A task of this magnitude requires innovative, multi-stakeholder partnerships that bring business, government and civil society together. In this series sponsored by Hormel Foods, we’ll explore some of these groundbreaking partnerships that aim to make agriculture more sustainable, empower supplier farmers and agricultural communities, and future-proof the food sector for generations to come.