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Best Business Innovations of 2014


By Debbie Fletcher

2014 saw a range of new innovations within the business world. Numerous companies won awards for their innovative ideas and services, and below you’ll discover some of the best.

1. Google leads the way

Internet giant Google led the way for innovations, developing numerous projects that could change the world (or at least the way you live and do business). Shopping Express is one of the company’s innovations, experimenting with the idea of same-day delivery. Very few companies offer this service yet it is something that many of us would love.

Another innovation from Google that did quite well in 2014 was its range of autonomous vehicles, which reached a milestone of 500,000 driver-free miles last year.

2. Life-saving truck technology

One of the biggest challenges that a fleet manager faces is ensuring the safety of his or her drivers as well as members of the public. In 2014, Continental and Brigade Electronics developed a 360-degree camera system that was trialled on numerous trucks. The trial proved to be a success, and it has greatly enhanced truck-driver safety. Brigade Electronics is already renowned for its selection of vehicle safety products, and this new system is just one in a long line of useful safety equipment for the commercial vehicle industry.

3. 3-D printing

Another exciting innovation that really progressed in 2014 was 3-D printing. Since they were first developed, 3-D printers have come a long way, and there are now concrete printers that can build a home in less than a day, PSFK reported last year. This is extremely impressive and has caused a lot of excitement within the industry. It is rumored that 3-D printers are set to be introduced onto the mainstream market by the end of 2015.

4. Cloud storage made easy

Dropbox gained significant popularity in 2014, largely thanks to a few new features. It managed to double its amount of users to 200 million.

Two of its newest features include Chooser and Saver, which have basically made it easier for outside apps, such as Yahoo Mail, to integrate with Dropbox. The company has also developed a brand new data store, which allows users to sync information to their Dropbox folders via multiple devices.

Specifically for the business world, it added various new project-management features.

5. Environmentally-friendly apps

Nike may be better known for its high-quality sportswear, but in 2014 it created an innovative new product. As reported on Fast Company, the ‘Making’ app helps businesses see the impact various materials have on the environment, allowing them to choose the greenest materials and get closer to their sustainability targets.


These are just some of the ways business innovators drove change in 2014. If you are looking at ways to improve your business, then it is worth taking a look at them. Or better still, why not try to come up with your own disruptive innovations in 2015? You might just make it onto lists like these in 2015, which would greatly improve your company's brand awareness.

Image credit: Flickr/cblue98

Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of difference magazines and news publications. Follow her here: @Debbie_Fletch18

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