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Conserving Wildlife Through Volunteering Abroad in India


By Anjali Wadhwa

Are you a wildlife lover and have a wish to oil the wheels of wildlife conservation efforts? Then, you can become instrumental through volunteering abroad in India. India is a wildlife-rich country that allows the people to contribute in conservation programs.

There is an extensive range of conservation organizations operational to shield rare animals and surroundings. Different groups have different aims. For instance, some work for protecting elephants, while some work for safeguarding avifauna. If you want to take part in volunteering programs, you may get in touch with several conservation organizations that depend on the help from volunteers.

1.Volunteering in India

Profuse with impacts of innumerable ethnicities, infused with affluent heritage and sprinting toward the modernity, India is a one-of-a-kind destination for all those who want to become a volunteer for wildlife conservation.

There is a unique variety from region to region in this country. The splendid and spiffing landscapes around the country are certainly the glinting gems in the diadem. The imposing mountains, lush grassy areas, verdant and opaque woods ... in short, the biodiversity of this country is simply astounding. The profuseness and diversity of the flora and fauna of India is indeed one of the biggest attractions of this country. But the country also renders you unmatched opportunities for volunteering to conserve wildlife.

From Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh and Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, to Great Himalayan National Park in the Himalayas, the variety of volunteering options in India is immense. From tigers to snow leopards, from peacocks to elephant and much more, India has plethora of reasons that will draw you to come here and conserve the exotic flora and fauna.

Major threats to wildlife in India

  • Overcrowding is the main reason for the decrease in the population of wild animals in the country. Indian wildlife sanctuaries have become extensively swarmed, and their capacity has depleted to notable extent.

  • Tourism in the protected areas of the country is mounting every day. One of the major causes for this is an increase in the reputation of adventure tourism and eco-tourism. This has resulted to a growth in pollution caused by the vehicles and wildlife road fatalities, other than leading to a smash-up of the natural habitation of fauna.

  • With the augment in tourism, India's national parks have gone through an augment in wildfires as well. Innocent campfires set up by visitors have led to looming wildfires. These fires do not only kill wild animals, but devastate their natural environment as well.

  • The flora and fauna found in the shoreline areas of the country are continuously devastated by watercrafts such as wave-runners and jet skis. Such watercrafts enter shallow waters and drive out the nesting birds from their roots. The mating pattern of the avifauna is also disturbed by these activities.

  • Disposing of industrial chemicals and other harmful effluents into the waters results in the spoiling of water sources. The birds and animals used to drink such waters, and the contamination of local watersheds pose a fatal threat to life. The population of aquatic animals is also affected by this releasing of chemicals and other toxic products.

  • The change in the climatic conditions is not only affecting humankind, but it is a serious threat to the existence of flora and fauna as well. There is a disturbance in the migration patterns and natural habitats of birds and animals.

  • Poaching is, of course, a haunting reason for wildlife being under need for conservation. The threat of poaching has not been eradicated even after the establishment of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Major wildlife conservation projects in India

The major wildlife conservation projects in the country take all the rare and common wildlife species into consideration. The people within India, along with foreigners, can contribute in these projects both physically and monetarily.

Project Tiger is one such project that has been introduced to conserve the regal cats effectively. The extensive poaching of elephants for ivory had made it important for government to start Project Elephant. These projects are highly instrumental in saving the wildlife, especially those who are on the brink of extinction.

What are the major ways to contribute in saving wildlife other than volunteering?

If you want to save the wildlife and cannot invest the time in volunteering, you can still lend your helping hands. Here are the major ways, other than volunteering, through which you can contribute to the conservation of flora and fauna found in Indian woods.

  • Through creating awareness in your social circles about wildlife conservation. The ignorance of common people is the significant reason of wildlife depletion.

  • Though raising your voice in different forums. Sharing via social networks is another great way to make your voice heard.

  • You can make financial contribution to the NGO's working for the wildlife conservation.

  • Keep the environment as it is. Stop littering, disposing toxic things in waters and other such activities that make environment dirty.

  • Follow the rules that are mentioned by the forest department whenever you are visiting wildlife sanctuary or a national park.

Get involved in volunteering programs and be conducive in conserving the wilderness in the woods.

Image credit: Flickr/Mandala Travel

Anjali Wadhwa is a wildlife aficionado, wanderer, devourer of books, daydreamer and traveler who want to explore the unified jungles of India. You will see her amazing command over flora and fauna through her blogs and articles. Follow her on Google Plus to discover more about wildlife in India.

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