Harvey Flooding Potentially Spilled Chemicals at 400+ Water Treatment Plants

Media attention has focused on Hurricane Harvey's impacts on toxic Superfund sites, but hundreds of other facilities are potentially affected.

Hurricane Harvey Halts Domestic Oil and Gas Production

Hurricane Harvey compromised a massive hub for energy production, highlighting the challenges facing our current energy infrastructure.

Trump’s DOE Invests $13M in Alternative Fuel Vehicles

New electric vehicles that can support mass transit are on the horizon, according to an announcement by the Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies…

Air Travel Could Account for 25% of Global Warming By 2050

A recent United Nations report suggests the global aviation sector could consume as much as one-quarter of the world’s carbon budget by 2050…

$8 Million for Algae Biofuel from U.S. Department of Energy

Despite Trump's tough talk favoring fossil fuels, his Department of Energy is pushing algae biofuel and other renewables for the bioeconomy of the…